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Headaches & Migraines

Loretta Sparks' approach to migraine headaches and pain

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Loretta Sparks has had substantial success with migraine headaches and pain. Throughout her many years of experience in this field, she has developed her own customized approach which, thankfully, she freely shares with us.

Hugs, Gary

By Loretta Sparks

Dear List,

In my last message I shared with you my experience working with a client who had a long history of migraines. I was asked, backchannel, to address this work in more detail, which I'm happy to do. I work very intuitively so no two treatments are exactly the same. Essentially, the way I work with migraines is the way I work with any pain. The following is my basic approach.

1. I ask the client to rate the intensity [0-10 scale] of the pain and to tell me where the pain is specifically located.

2. The Set Up: My Set Up is focused on my 'intention', not the client's possible PR. I MT [muscle test] myself asking if my intention is in service of the client. If it is, I proceed with the client's treatment. If not, I treat myself for PR: "Even though my intention is not in service of this client, I accept myself deeply and profoundly" (I do this 3x while tapping the KC point or rubbing the Sore Spot). I MT again making sure the PR has been fixed. Then, I open myself to whatever healing energy I may be in service of by holding that thought consciously. Note: If you do not know how to muscle test yourself, just assume PR treat yourself for it.

3. Client's Participation: I ask the client to imagine their point of pain glowing a bright red, (if there is more than one point, I ask them to pick the one that hurts the most to start with).

4. I then tap the KC point 5 - 10 x; then tap the gamut spot rapidly and firmly for one minute or approx. 100 x; then have client tap collarbone point, both sides 5x. Rate pain. Continue until pain is rated at 0. Then go to the secondary point of pain and treat the same way.

Note from GC: This method of repeated tappings on the collar bone point and the gamut point for pain is also taught by Dr. Roger Callahan as part of his pain algorithm. I have found full rounds of EFT to be equally effective but readers are encouraged to try them both. See which one works best for you or the client. Nothing speaks louder than success.

5. If the pain doesn't respond or stops responding to treatment, then I inquire about trauma including physical, emotional (including witness trauma) and spiritual trauma (e.g., feeling forsaken or betrayed by God). I find that people with migraines often feel or felt at one time in their lives, stuck in an intolerable and impossible situation.

This feeling of being "stuck" then becomes the focus of a new Setup: Examples:

"Even though I'm unable to make positive changes in my life, etc."

"Even though my marriage is intolerable, etc."

"Even though my job is impossible, etc."

The more intractable the migraine/pain, the more aspects have to be addressed. Engage your client in a dialogue seeking possible aspects. Brainstorm using your knowledge of human nature and your client's situation or life story. Don't be concerned if your brainstorming is not 100% correct. An incorrect 'guess' does no harm and it might bring to mind an aspect that is key to effective treatment.

6. Treat traumas and aspects as needed. While focusing on trauma or aspects do the usual Setup (even though I have this problem with_______, I accept myself deeply and profoundly) Then do the full EFT sequence (including the 9 gamut) followed by the sequence again. When the trauma/aspect is cleared, treat the migraine/pain (Steps 1 through 4).

7. Be persistent.

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