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Pain Management

EFT Eliminates need for surgery on torn tendons

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here's a case involving a severe arm injury for which several doctors advised her to have surgery. However, Deborah Miller from Mexico had her tap on some important emotional issues and, in short order, no pain and no surgery. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, PhD


A friend of mine has a small cafeteria.  I went by one day and found her upset.  Two days previously she bent down to pick up a box of empty bottles and, upon lifting it, felt a pain in her upper right arm.  Her cafeteria is near a hospital and all of the doctors who come to eat there told her she would have to have surgery to repair the two torn tendons or she would be affected the rest of her life.  Understandably she was upset.  She is right-handed so it is the arm she uses most.  In addition, she was about to go on a trip with her siblings to Egypt.  If she needed surgery she would have to cancel.

I told her I didn’t know if EFT would take care of the problem with her tendons but we could start with the emotions she felt and see what happens with the physical injury.  She agreed.

The physical symptoms we could see were the following: On her right arm there was a tight ball about the size of a golf ball where the tendons were injured.  She could barely move her right arm up and down.  There was pain.

We started with her fears that she wouldn’t be able to use her right arm like before, being upset, and feeling stupid for having done something so simple and hurting herself.  She’s lifted empty boxes of bottles for 15 years.  Why would this time be any different?

We focused on the pain, the frustration, and the fear of having surgery especially her fear that this problem would affect her mobility for the rest of her life.  As we tapped, the pain reduced and mobility increased but it didn’t disappear.

Then I let intuition take over and went into the following: How can I leave the restaurant?  No one knows how to run it like me.  My husband and family won’t be able to do it as well without me. What if they have problems?  I’m afraid to leave them alone.  Who will cook for them?  Who will take care of them?  I always have to give, not receive (based on right side representing giving and left side receiving).  I need to take care of everyone. 

At this point her eyes opened wide as she hadn’t realized she had these beliefs or how they could have affected the flexibility of her body when lifting the box.  Her pain level dropped and she could move her arm up and down with greater ease.

We continued with the following: I did something so stupid and now I won’t be able to go on the trip with my siblings.  Why me?  I’m so disappointed.  Who am I to take a trip, such a big trip, like this one?  I don’t deserve that.

Then we continued with positive statements: I can trust my family.  Maybe the restaurant won’t be taken care of as well as when I’m there, but it will be fine.  My family will survive.  They are capable.  It will do them good to be in charge for a while.  They can take care of themselves for a few days.  They can order out for dinner if they have to.  I deserve to take some time off.  I’ve worked hard for years.  It is my time.  I can enjoy this trip to Egypt.  I can enjoy time with my siblings.  I deserve to receive.

At this point all of the pain disappeared.  The mobility of her arm returned. She could move it up and down.  Even the swollen tissue had reduced from a hard ball the size of a golf ball to one small point that you can barely notice.  The rest of the tissue was soft and normal.

In the end the doctors only recommended that she put her arm in a sling for 2 weeks to give it time to heal.  She went on her trip to Egypt for 20 days.  She enjoyed it immensely.  I got to see lots of photos of her with her siblings riding camels and visiting the pyramids.  What a joy to know that she didn’t have to miss her trip because of her hidden beliefs.  After 3 years she has not had another problem with her arm.

Deborah Miller, PhD

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