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"Impossible" Healings

"Impossible" Healings: Rash and Severe Headaches

Impressive results from a non-professional 

"...the itch stopped immediately. And within five minutes, the redness was completely gone.​
...her formerly "frequent headaches" had vanished over the last several months." 

Definition of "Impossible":

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.


We owe a big thank you to Linda Brummett for sharing her results with Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist. 

ImpossibleLinda is a non-professional in the healing field and has no credentials or formal education in it. She has, however, high interest in our process and is a member of our Optimal EFT Course Membership. 

Linda's letter:

Below is her letter to me that displays the results for two of her friends. Note how rapidly the issues faded.  This speed is what causes these results to be categorized as "Impossible." Man-made methods may bring relief to these issues but take much longer to do so.

There is more in the video that follows her letter.

Dear Gary, 

I talked to my Personal Trainer, Pam, and asked her to tell me in her own words, without any prompting from me, what she remembered about my doing Optimal EFT on the itchy, rash on her right forearm. The rash was approximately four inches long and about two inches wide.

She said she thought she must have had an allergic reaction to something she brushed against. Was not sure of the cause, it had developed earlier in the day. She had not put anything on it and it was really annoying her. I did one round of Optimal EFT on the rash. Pam said the itch stopped immediately. And within five minutes, the redness was completely gone.

Her remembrance of this is exactly how I recalled it. She said she has told a number of people about this because it was such a unique experience.

I also got a chance to talk to Pam’s client and personal friend that had the migraine headache. [not sure she would want me to use her real name so I will call her Jane]. Jane had a severe headache, bordering on a Migraine. She had been suffering from this headache all day. 

When I saw her around 5pm, she was lying down in Pam’s office. I offered to try Optimal EFT on her headache and she was willing to try anything. I knew she was stressed about work so I focused on work as well as the headache. After about ten minutes, her headache was completely gone and she told me she was able to do her normal workout without a problem. 

As a follow-up, I spoke with Jane many months later she indicated she had minor headaches shortly after the Optimal EFT session but, since then, her formerly "frequent headaches" had vanished over the last several months.

Linda Brummett


For more info, here is a video interview with Linda.


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