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Can you explain illnesses in infants, children and animals?


The Question:

Hi Gary: How are illnesses in infants and young children explained? And what about animals? How can illness in animals be explained? I'm sincerely searching for answers and trying to understand. Thank you. 

Lora Hall


Good questiion, Lora, and one that many people ask. This puzzle usually questions the EFT premise that illnesses of various kinds are caused by unresolved emotional issues. Thus our anger, guilt, fear, resentment, grief, etc. "seethe under the surface," cause negative chemistry within the body, tax the immune system and eventually manifest as disease. 

How then, can we explain how infants, children and animals, who seemingly have developed little or no negative emotions, can develop, or be born with, disease? 

Two answers: First, they can develop fears and other negative emotions in the womb as the mother may fall, have heated interactions, not want the baby during pregnancy or have other experiences which the baby may find traumatic. Further, depending on your beliefs, unresolved traumas from past lives may have an influences on one's health. This applies to human babies as well as animals. 

But there is a second, deeper answer. Assuming you have read carefully my book, The Unseen Therapist, you will have noted that the ultimate cause of all our problems (not just disease) stems from our erroneous belief in separation. This is backed by quantum physics, our most prestigious science. 

Thus we believe we are running around within fleshy containers known as bodies instead of basking in the grandeur of our Oneness. These "separate" bodies must then compete for resources such as food, shelter, money, status and even love. This competition, in turn, gives rise to anger, fear, guilt and all the negative emotions that show up, eventually, as disease. 

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

With Optimal EFT, we use the power of The Unseen Therapist (our spiritual healer within) to dilute/eliminate these limiting emotions that cover our true state. The more we do this the higher we climb our Stairway to Miracles. 

I know some of this is a bit deeper than my introductory book takes you but, hopefully, it brings you some clarity. 

e-hugs, Gary


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