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Major Relief From Plantar Fasciitis


Intro from Gary:

Elaine Alpert developed a major case of Plantar Fasciitis and tried nearly everything for relief. As you will see, it was The Unseen Therapist that did the job.

Elaine's story:

Gary Craig logoBeing active and going for daily walks has been such a joy in my life, so when I developed quite the case of plantar fasciitis, I tried everything to heal--acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, tapping, emotional work, supplements, shoe supports--you name it. The foot pain started with the stress of selling our family home and my husband’s health struggles, while also making several moves before landing in our new place. I worked on this from many angles and got partial relief, but still unable to walk more than a block.

Gary offered to do a session with me and The Unseen Therapist. Before our session, I gave The Unseen Therapist  a whirl myself and was surprised to wake up the next day with less pain. By the time I got to work with Gary, the pain was coming and going and sometimes very strong.

Then in our session, we worked with the 'red ball' in the tunnel, moving my pain towards The Unseen Therapist. The red ball easily morphed in shape and color, glowing with light. My whole body filled with light and I knew healing was occurring at a very deep level. I had begun to wonder if I’d be stuck with the pain for the rest of my life but by allowing the Unseen Therapist to infuse me with healing energy I’m happy to say that I am now taking 2-mile walks again for the first time in a year!

I’m so grateful to you, Gary, for offering to ‘try this out’ and to the Powers That Be for healing my feet AND my back from an injury during our house move.

Much love to you,



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