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EFT methods for "Smokers Lung" that apply to most chronic conditions

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Suzanne Zacharia, a therapist from the UK, gives many successful methods she used for helping her handle her "Smokers Lung." Please note how she addresses both past and future issues. There are many creative and insightful details in this article and the perceptive EFT'er can easily draw parallels that would help with most chronic conditions.

By Suzanne Zacharia

Like any other dedicated EFT practitioner, I have been following my Personal Peace Procedure till almost "everything" seemed to have been collapsed. Then one day, I decided to tackle "the big one", my permanent smoker's lung which was getting worse due to exposure to environmental hazards and lack of finances (I made a very big business mistake last year). This was last February, 4 months ago.

In February, all aspects affecting my lung condition were unhealthy. My business was doing very well but I was paying back crippling debts. My partner was expecting and getting more out of me than a healthy-bodied person could give, let alone someone with smoker's lung. My daughters did not understand my situation, and there were resentments between my partner and children. My doctor, whom I had hardly seen the year before, was largely uncooperative and unhelpful. My lungs were very bad.

Because of my lung condition, I am a very keen smoking-cessation practitioner, and through my clients, I got to know more about what other people with this affliction go through. So I set up a weblog where I recorded most of my self-treatments live, typing with one hand and tapping with the other. The idea was that anyone with a similar condition, their families, careers and health professionals can benefit.

I went through many things; releasing from incidents around the time I first got this ailment, releasing current negative emotions, and tapping directly and increasingly expertly on the source (bronchial damage in the left lung). I even recently went through doubting the process, and then believing it again.

Many cognitive shifts appeared through EFT, even as to reasons why my left lung was so bad recently. I now go for a jog every morning except for Thursday, my early clinic day. I am doing all I can to keep as healthy as possible. My business is doing better as I have cut my overheads, renegotiated with creditors, borrowed some money from a relative to help repay some of the old debt, and negotiated with two of my students to do some work for me. My relationship with my doctor is on a more equal footing, and I can negotiate with him calmly. All of this is due to tapping on each situation. My whole family has been tapping, and EFT has brought us closer together. I now have my children's and partner's support.

I have included below samples of my treatments, dealing with various aspects.

Healing the past

What follows are two treatments that have helped me deal normally and rationally with my doctor, as well as release a great deal of negative emotions which were contributing directly or indirectly to my physical condition.

I have been through a great deal of trauma from the medics, especially around the time I first fell ill just under two decades ago, and a big part of the treatment was around these issues. There was a point whereby I realised that part of the remaining problem for me was that I acted in what I call "victim mode". This is usually present in anyone who has been regularly and systematically victimised, e.g. through child abuse or bullying at school or work.

For this, I usually combine the treatment with standing upright, head up high, to physically bring the person out of "victim mode" (this additionally helps them not get picked on). Then I get them to imagine their abusers in front of them, first collectively and then one by one, and tap using the reminder phrase, "I am NOT your victim". Setup: "Even though I'm a medical victim, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I'm a victim, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though doctors abuse me, because I'm a victim, I deeply love and absolutely accept and adore myself." Reminder: "I'm NOT your victim" Shoulders squared, head up high, sitting proud, tapping: "I'm NOT your victim" Standing up now, carrying on as above. "I'm NOT your victim" At the beginning, the statement "I'm a medical victim" would have registered an 8 on the VOC (Validity of Cognition) scale; at the end it was 0.

When I first got this condition, the only treatment that was effective was physiotherapy, a kind of postural drainage, but I was subsequently denied this treatment amongst other traumatic circumstances. When I have an infection, I have to lie on one side to sleep, so that the mucus can drain out of my damaged lung into the healthy one, to be coughed up in the morning, as my left lung is challenged regarding coughing; and I am all too aware that blocking up my airways for too long will lead to emphysema, something I am happy to say a recent MRI scan shows I have escaped.

Earlier this year, I was exposed to environmental hazards, after which I caught one lung infection after another. The circumstances necessitated a visit to my doctor, when the subject of postural drainage was brought up and the physiotherapy denial memory came up a good 10+ on the 0-10 intensity scale.

Setup: "Even though they refused me the only treatment that worked, i deeply and completely love and accept myself" Then I just kept tapping on all the points till I finished: "Refused me this treatment, postural drainage, not taken seriously, deemed too young to have this kind of lung damage and ignored, didn't fit into their belief system so they abused me as they couldn't cope, they were weak, they couldn't cope with facts outside their box, outside their comfort zone, silly people, the other people they must have abused too, it just was, can't change it now, i accept it happened, it just was, they are weak, they can't help being incompetent, they can't help being ignorant, being caring and thinking intelligently is outside their skillsets, they haven't been born with it or maybe it was taken out of them, it doesn't justify their actions but I choose to let go of this heavy load, I choose to let go of this fear and hate, I give healing to that part of my left lung that can't expel mucus, love and healing, in my long and healthy life there is no time for grudges, I choose to live my life, really live and enjoy it, I have a good future ahead of me, I am calm and peaceful, every moment is a beautiful bonus, even if I have to lie down kind of on my shoulder all night and wake up with a stiff neck and shoulder, I fix it and carry on to enjoy another beautiful day, it's a small price to pay and I am happy doing it when necessary, I am contented and calm, I enjoy life." Intensity 0. Healing the physical in the now

The next two treatments were more specific to the physical symptoms.

When I caught yet another infection during this period, I would wake up in the night totally congested in my left lung, and would typically tap something like this:

Setup: "Even though I have this congestion in my left lung, I deeply and completely accept my left lung, I can't help it, I'm kind of attached to it. Even though I have this congestion in my left lung, I deeply and completely love and accept all of me, including my left lung. Even though I have this congestion in my left lung, I ask my body to accept my left lung, I ask my body to allow my left lung to cool and for the swelling to reduce down to normal, even though I don't really remember what normal is but this it is how my right lung feels most of the time. Even though I have this swelling and overproduction of mucus in my left lung, I ask my body to do something more useful and be kind to my left lung" Reminder: "Left lung congestion, left lung pain, left lung irritation, left lung congestion" Setup: "Even though it's a struggle to get air into my left lung, I deeply and completely love and accept the whole of my respiratory system, including my left lung. Even though I have this challenge getting air into my left lung, I deeply love and accept myself, Even though I have difficulty getting air into my left lung, I choose to open up my left lung and let the air in" Reminder: "more air in my left lung"

The leaking of hazardous gases into our home over a period of weeks may have made me more worried and hence may have triggered off extra inflammation, so one night I treated it as follows: Setup and reminder, rubbing the Sore Spot three times and then tapping on all the points: "Even though it's not safe to breathe into my left lung, with all the pollution and stuff out there, I'm asking my body to safely heal. Even though it's not safe to, I ask my body to safely heal, I ask my body to safely heal"... There was no need to take an intensity reading on these occasions, as either I could breathe with my left lung or not. When I could feel the air going in and out of my left lung without too much of a struggle, I would stop and go back to bed.

Healing the future

The next two treatments are to keep me on my physical rehabilitation program.

Before going running, I am tapping the Basic Recipe with additional tapping points for "this pain in my left lung", "this damaged bronchus or bronchiole" (it is not certain which it is, so I either alternate "bronchiole" with "bronchus" or say the above reminder), "these swollen bronchi on the bottom left", "these swollen bronchioles on the bottom left", "this obstruction in the bottom left", "this remaining obstruction there" (when I say "there", I visualise it as if on a 3-D map in my mind), and chase the pain with "this remaining obstruction [more specific there]". Plus just saying or tapping into all the points the affirmation of "I'm a good runner, I am". The reason why I chose this affirmation is that it reminds me of a nice TV personality that says something similar. She has a very wholesome attitude and seems to be a genuinely nice person. This to me reinforces that running is good.

Life often involves a safe balance of good and bad. Many people run locally and live a long and healthy life. So as I run (walk, jog, walk, jog) on the polluted London streets, when I encounter particularly dirty exhaust fumes, I am aware that I am doing myself more good than harm by running in this area. The running in this pollution is only temporary until finances improve according to plan and I rejoin my gym. So I just say in my mind the following affirmations, usually rubbing the finger points discreetly as I run: "I ask my body to safely process these pollutants" and "I choose to safely breathe when I meet these pollutants".

I still have some way to go before I can safely say I am healthy again, and I do not think that the part of my left lung which is damaged can be repaired 100%, but I think I will eventually be able to breathe easily most of the time.


Suzanne Zacharia


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