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Using EFT

Using EFT to increase blood platelet count--an article with far reaching implications

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

This remarkable use of EFT by Kshitij Negi from India brought a near-death Dengue Fever client to normal health in very short order. As you will see, one of the features of Dengue Fever is a very low blood platelet count. This translates into the inability of the patient to experience blood clotting. Normal blood platelet counts are in the 250,000-500,000 and this patient's count was at a near-fatal 30,000. Within a few hours of tapping (together with creative EFT approaches), the client's blood platelet count shot up to 106,000 and, within 2 weeks, it was back to 250,000.

There is nothing within allopathic medicine to explain this result and I would urge you to pass on this article to all MDs who might be open to it.

By Kshitij Negi

Hi Gary,


Thanks and Kudos for everything!

I have been practicing EFT for more than 3 years now. And staying true to your word, I use it on EVERYTHING that I came across, and have been able to make those brilliant shifts. What happened about a few months back, however, was really an exhilarating experience. I share it because I feel it can have far reaching implications.

The patient, in this case, was my friend Tanveer. I got to know of his illness during the week, but on Sunday morning I got to know that the situation was far worse than I thought it was. They were suspecting Dengue Fever, for which, apparently there is no cure in mainstream allopathic medicine. [There's a short write-up on Dengue Fever at the end of this letter]

Doctors feared that he was on the verge of multiple organ failure; his liver and pancreas had swollen, there was water retention in lungs and abdomen, and his blood platelet count was threateningly low at 30,000 (normal is 250, 000 - 500,000). In short, Tanveer was on his death bed.

Note: A Platelet count below 100,000/volume is alarming - immediate medical attention is required. A Platelet count below 30,000 is fatal. There is fear of spontaneous bleeding, with renal failure and unconsciousness being other complications. A fall in platelet count prevents formation of clots - and this leads to hemorrhage - which results into both INTERNAL & EXTERNAL bleeding - once bleeding starts the situation is almost irrecoverable.

Since it was a "wait and watch" situation from the doctors' side, I decided to apply EFT there. When I reached the hospital at 10 am, I found Tanveer too weak to tap for himself, and so I started with surrogate tapping on myself. In a couple of hours, Tanveer was himself asking to be tapped (he had been exposed to EFT before) and things became more effective. I tapped on him and, whenever he could not speak well, I also said the phrases aloud for him.

I used what I call, the "IS -- Going-Going -- Gone" approach. Let me elaborate on this. The first set-up phrase here is our classic EFT phrase , followed by one or two set-up phrases that describe the negative experience/issue going away/disappearing, followed by final statement of the desired condition (choice).

For platelets we tapped first with

"even though my platelet count is low, I deeply and profoundly love myself".

This was followed with

" I bless you and release you, this low platelet count in my blood" and

"I choose for myself, my platelet count fast rising to 150, 000".

(The doctor had said anything between 100, 000 and 200,000 would be good and so the CHOICE of 150,000),

and finally,

"I accept my platelet count to be 150,000".

We also did small variations and modifications for further rounds like "...bless and COMPLETELY release whatever is causing this low platelet count",

" I choose my platelet count to be 150,000, right now".

Acknowledgement is in order for Louise L. Hay, from whose book I picked this creative-compassionate phrase of healing

"...bless you and release you...".

Similarly, we tapped for other areas, replacing "low platelet count" with "..this swelling in my liver", ".. this swelling in my pancreas", "..this water in my lungs" "..this water in my abdomen";....

and "platelet count 150,000" with "perfectly normal lungs", and so on. I don't really have to point out that I was this non-medico, using a combination of medical and layman language to set-up the phrases intuitively.

We did about 4 to 5 complete sets of rounds for each issue till 8 pm, by which time I was itching to know the effects of all this tapping. (Well, asking him to guess his platelet count at the end of the day wouldn't be of much use, would it? ... and unless you do a 0-10 intensity rating post-tapping, you don't feel you've done anything at all, do you, Gary? :-,)

The blood sample was taken, and guess what the platelet count was? 106,000. Please note that no platelet/plasma was given to him externally, through IV or anything.

The doctors, in this case, were unaware of my EFT treatments with Tanveer. They needed to explain Tanveer's astonishing recovery, of course, and so simply said that he unexpectedly responded to their treatments. I did rounds for the next two days also. Gradually, all the indicators returned to normal. Tanveer went back to his work in a couple of weeks with a platelet count of 250,000.

I had another success in increasing the Platelet count of a Dengue patient within a month of Tanveer. We were able to reach 175,000 from 34,000 in 4 days. It took a different pace though - it stagnated around 35,000 on the first day of EFT (against the free-fall in the previous days), and then shot up dramatically from the second day. Some learning reinforcement there: for the same starting and end point, EFT could follow different pace and different path. BE PERSISTENT !

EFT can have far reaching applications in treating Blood count disorders as these cases suggest. Through the EFT newsletter, I would like to remind-appeal to all those who are listening: "If nothing else works on a blood count disorder, Try EFT" !

COMMENT FROM GC: Why not try it first?

KSHITIJ CONTINUES: I am contactable for any further sharing that can help us with the same. Please feel free to contact me for any assistance, clarification or any other support that I can provide. Also, please keep me posted with your experiences if you use this for something in the future.

Love and Hugs,


About Dengue Fever

"The fever is caused by a mosquito bite. The Mosquito acts as a carrier of the Dengue Virus. The virus's main affect is on the PLATELET production. Normally the platelets in our body last for about 4 days and the body replenishes them when required. This virus DESTROYS THE BODY's CAPACITY TO PRODUCE NEW PLATELET's (during the period it is effective). The PLATELET count for a normal person varies from 150,000 - 500,000 per unit volume. On getting infected the patients PLATELET COUNT STARTS FALLING. A PLATELET count BELOW 100,000 /volume is ALARMING - immediate medical attention is required. A PLATELET count BELOW 30,000 is FATAL. (There is fear of spontaneous bleeding, with renal failure and unconsciousness being other complications)

A fall in platelet count PREVENTS FORMATION OF CLOTS - and this leads to HEMORRHAGE - which results into both INTERNAL & EXTERNAL BLEEDING - once bleeding starts the situation is almost IRRECOVERABLE.

As is known to everybody VIRAL DISEASES HAVE NO CURE - you only TRY TO SUBSTITUTE FOR THOSE body functions that have stopped functioning. The ONLY cure is to CONSTANTLY REPLENISH THE BODY WITH PLATELETS. This requires giving BLOOD / PLATELET. Early detection and timely input will prevent HEMORRHAGE. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT HEMORRHAGE MUST BE PREVENTED BECAUSE ONCE HEMORRHAGE STARTS YOUR BODY PARTS WILL GET AFFECTED AND STOP FUNCTIONING and finally it leads to Death."

Source: CES, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


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