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Using EFT

Using EFT to overcome the resistance to exercise

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Do you resist exercising? Sometimes the reasons for resisting are deeper than you think. Carol Solomon, PhD shows us how to get to these deeper issues and collapse them with EFT.

Hugs, Gary

By Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC

Dear Gary,

My clients often develop resistance to exercise.  They want to exercise, but either they don’t feel motivated or don’t enjoy it.  They know they “should” exercise, but it can easily turn into an internal power struggle.

There can be other obstacles to overcome as well.  Some women feel embarrassed, ashamed and/or self-conscious to go the gym at their current weight.  So they avoid the activity that could actually help them lose weight.  Others have perfectionist qualities; they think it won’t make a difference, or it’s not “worth it” unless they have time for a full 60-minute workout.  So they don’t go at all.

My client, “Susan” wanted to talk about her resistance to going to the gym.  She started out “I love it … and I know I should do it, but it’s not part of my routine … I need to make a plan.”  My intuition told me there was something deeper.  I said, “Susan, it’s not about planning.”  She said, “Why should I get excited or feel positive about anything?  You know the other shoe is going to drop.”

Two years ago, Susan’s husband died while undergoing a routine sinus surgery.  She had pulled her life together and even began a new relationship.  One week before this session, her new beau had been diagnosed with colon cancer.  It was no wonder that Susan felt as she did.

Even though I don’t want to get excited about anything because I know the other shoe is going to drop…

Even though nothing turns out right for me, I choose to move forward anyway.

Even though everything always gets messed up…

Eyebrow: Why should I get excited?

Side of Eye: I know the other shoe is going to drop

Under the Eye: Things never turn out right for me

Under the Nose: Why bother?

Chin: I feel cursed

Collarbone: It’s not fair

Under the Arm: I’ve tried so hard

Top of Head: Everything always gets messed up

Susan was also worried that she wouldn’t keep up her momentum.  In the 2 years since her husband’s death, she had one crisis after another and couldn’t follow through in her usual manner. Several attempts to make changes in her career got derailed when multiple crises occurred.

Even though I’m afraid I’ll lose my momentum again…

Even though I’m afraid I won’t be able to maintain it…

Even though I’m afraid something will happen, I choose to move forward anyway.

Eyebrow: I’ve tried so hard

Side of Eye: Everything’s a crisis

Under the Eye: I’m afraid something will happen

Under the Nose: I’ll just lose momentum again

Chin: I won’t be able to maintain it

Collarbone: I’m not going to do it

Under the Arm: You can’t make me

Top of Head: I don’t want to be disappointed again

Eyebrow: I choose to release these fears

Side of Eye: I choose to move forward

Under the Eye: I choose peace

Under the Nose: I choose happiness

Chin: I choose serenity

Collarbone: I am grateful for all of the opportunities in my life

Under the Arm: I choose to let it be fun and easy

Top of Head: I can handle whatever comes

Since that session (2 rounds of EFT), Susan began exercising with ease every day.  She has also started a website and moved forward with significant changes in her career.  These are the miracles we see with EFT every day.

With love and gratitude,


Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC


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