"Impossible" Healings

Bennie The Dog's "Impossible" Heart Arrhythmia Recovery

"...in Bennie's case, no drugs were involved.The vet's appointment was canceled." 


Definition of "Impossible": 

Healing that occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Helle Gylling wrote me regarding the use of Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist) to bring a stunning stop to alarming episodes of heart arrhythmia being suffered by her dog, Bennie. Here's what she said.

Hi Gary, I have another happy story to share. 4 years ago we adopted a stray dog - a little Jack Russell terrier named Bennie. He was sick with heart worm when we rescue him and he went through a 9 months treatment. Since then, he has been fine, just occasional arrhythmia but nothing serious.

In connection with a move at the end of 2018, his arrhythmia got worse. He would get attacks 3 times a day at first and we started giving him hawthorn, which worked for a little while. Then it got worse again, and around Christmas we were up to 6-7 episodes a day! We made an appointment with a vet for Jan. 2.

On Dec. 30, in the early morning, I gave Bennie OEFT and that day, he had only one small, very short episode lasting less than a minute! The next day, he had NO arrhythmia at all : ) Today is the third day and he has had one very minor episode, but nothing to speak of. I will give him another OEFT session today.

We are very excited about Bennie's progress. I know it is still early in the process, but he has had about a 90% improvement these 3 days, so we are very optimistic.

Hugs, Helle

Since then, the episodes have stopped completely.

Heart Arrhythmia can take many forms, including Bennie's alarmingly rapid and/or irregular pulse (6 -7 episodes per day lasting about 10 minutes each). Serious cases can require drugs to control but, in Bennie's case, no drugs were involved. The vet's appointment was canceled. 

Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Helle's video interview (with Bennie) is below. Watch. 


e-hugs, Gary


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