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Questions and Answers

What CAUSES Food Sensitivities?


My daughter (40), granddaughter (11), and myself went off gluten, we felt horrible and sick a lot from it. Been doing it over two years, but we are still having issues. By trial and error with food we figure it’s also from antihistamines and salicylic acid in foods. We are also salt sensitive, with fingers swelling up and headaches and burning joints. We have tried everything to feel better and not be so tired. My daughter and I don’t sleep well at all. Any help as to what we can do? Thank you.


You may be missing an essential ingredient in your recipe to eliminate your food sensitivities.

Gary Craig logoBy this I mean that you appear to be looking for foods that are generating problems but ignoring the CAUSE as to why these foods bother you. Many people chase this "let's find the foods" idea and eventually uncover an endless list of foods that they cannot tolerate. Thus the diet gets stricter and stricter and, in extreme cases, some have to live in an isolated bubble to exist. This need not be.

In my early years with EFT, I met a lady with over 80 sensitivities who considered herself "allergic to the world." However, once she realized that the underlying CAUSE involved emotional issues, mainly anger, she used EFT to resolve them and, with that resolution, all of the sensitivities disappeared. She then proceeded to eat whatever she wanted without all those debilitating symptoms.

You can do this too but it will require developing new skills. You can get a good start by reading about our latest advancement, Optimal EFT. It involves the spiritual dimension (The Unseen Therapist) and has more power than EFT Tapping. Here's the free e-book.

Beyond that, you can get advanced training (recommended). Here are the details.

Hope this helps, Gary

Note to OEFT Course Members: 

You can use Advanced Lesson #10 and ask The Unseen Therapist directly for the emotional causes (specific events) underlying the problem. This can save you a lot of time and add efficiency to the process. You can also use Advanced Lessons #24 and #25 to help another by using our Surrogate process.


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