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The Stairway To Miracles

Sharon's Magic Genie

Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.

Magic Genie?

Wanna magic Genie with true answers to every problem you pose? 

That's The Unseen Therapist... and there's nothing truly magic about Her. We tend to think of her in magical terms, however, because many of Her healing results are well beyond our belief systems... even considered "impossible." But as we gain familiarity (and thus trust), this seeming magic morphs into the mundane. It become routine... expected. 

New skill:

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

This requires a new skill, of course, and that is what Optimal EFT is all about. Most of us are still in the "WOW" stage but that will shift in time as we gradually ascend our Stairway to miracles.

New student gives it a try: Sharon Clegg is one of our new students in the Optimal EFT Course Membership and chose to ask The Unseen Therapist for a list of important issues in her life that needed clearing. 

At first, she got nothing. 

Then came an "urging" to lie down and try it again. She did so and this time, to her delight, there appeared a "slide show" in her mind of numerous events. Some of them she considered small while others had major impact. There was also an "urging" to focus on issues with her mother. 

This is a major time saver and reduces our efforts at "detective work" to a fraction of that required when we rely solely on our own limited knowledge bases. It's like bringing in a free consultant whose knowledge base is cosmic and infinitely wiser than our own. 

Only an ego would turn it down (smile).

Here's the video interview with Sharon...



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