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Questions and Answers

EFT to attract a spouse?



Gary, I would like to know how to apply tapping to get a husband. I have had a boyfriend for two years and he does not decide to ask me to marry him. Thank you thank you thank you. (Name withheld for privacy reasons).

Gary's response:

Interesting question... thanks.

First, please recognize that EFT (Tapping or Optimal) is not designed to influence someone else to bend toward our wishes. That would be a form of manipulation and would interfere with someone's free will. Besides, I doubt seriously if you would want a husband who was seduced into marriage this way. It's not likely to work in the long term. 

Better, I suggest, to work on your own internal peace. Skillfully used, EFT can remove or dilute the usual fear, trauma, anger, guilt, resentment, etc. that we all carry around and that can severely impact the quality of our relationships. Doing so can make us softer and enhance our loveability. It can also elevate our own sense of worth to the point where finding a husband is no longer so important.

Hope this helps, Gary

PS: I would suggest you explore our newest advancement, The Unseen Therapist. Instead of tapping, it invites in a loving spiritual power that may be ideal for your issues.


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