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"Impossible" Healings

"Impossible" Avoidance Of A C-Section

"Little did I know this journey would far exceed my expectations and help me through the most unexpected and difficult times."

Definition of "Impossible":

Healing that goes beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

From Gary:

Impossible HealingThis letter by Nami Osakabe deserves your attention as it will help us all appreciate the immense and loving power of The Unseen Therapist. Nami is one of our dedicated OEFT Members and has learned to listen to The Unseen Therapist for relief from post partum depression... and marital difficulties... and avoiding a c-section (this is astonishing - read on)... and the enhanced love possibilities with the gift of a down syndrome child.

At the end of this article is a full Webinar video featuring Nami and the experiences of our OEFT Course Members who have developed advanced skills in communicating with The Unseen Therapist.

From Nami:

Hi Gary!

I hope you are well! As always I've been meaning to email you on many occasions but end up sending you a long email with many examples of the amazing work with The Unseen Therapist instead.

It began with post partum depression:

I will start at the beginning where I first connected with The Unseen Therapist and joined OEFT. It was really to help me with my anxiety and overcome my post partum depression I experienced after the birth of my second son. I thought I would be able to be less anxious and prevent depressive episodes. Little did I know this journey would far exceed my expectations and help me through the most unexpected and difficult times. I would practice regularly with The Unseen Therapist and keep working on and adding to my list but the most helpful and incredible experiences were always with the practice groups. Eventually I went from 1x/week to now 5x/week and also 1:1 sessions with individual group members 2 to 3x/week. What a wonderful way to spend the week!

I became pregnant with baby #3!

I became more and more peaceful as I worked through my list (which I kept adding to as I worked on each event and the aspects) and I found I was in such a great mental space I began to imagine and want the possibility of another child (after my 2nd I felt completely overwhelmed and vowed no more children!). The Unseen Therapist definitely helped to heal me and because of the work I was doing little did I know I would be gifted with life experiences to awaken from this illusory world even more. When life becomes unbearably painful its a great time to dive deeper into this spiritual work to awaken further. The Unseen Therapist would guide me through this process and dive I did. I became pregnant with baby #3! I was excited and confident I would not have another post partum depressive episode with The Unseen Therapist by my side.

Then my life crumbled away:

When I was 3 months pregnant I found out my husband had been having an affair for years. My beautiful life I had planned and imagined crumbled away and I felt like I was being ripped apart and was dying. Which I was in a way, the old me and all the illusions had to die for me to get closer to seeing the truth. My old illusion had to fall apart for me to see clearer the truth that it was an illusion. So, with the help of all my group members and The Unseen Therapist, I did the work. Day and night (I couldn't sleep so my best most spiritual work was done at night!).

And slowly my illusions crumbled.

I began to see more and more truths and feel more and more deeper love and gratitude. I was constantly triggered but began to see how it was all an opportunity to work deeper on myself. I could no longer blame the outside world and healed myself deeper and deeper. I still had so so much work to do but began to see the greater purpose of this experience and was moving toward gratitude when unexpectedly baby decided to come early!!

At 34 weeks my water broke.

This was around the time when I had really started to surrender to The Unseen Therapist and call on her daily, more and more multiple times a day. I asked her to help me through labour unmedicated and she was by my side along with angels, ancestors, spirit guides (a whole lot of spirits were there to welcome baby to the world). She would tell me to surrender my body to the contractions, my body knew what it had to do. She asked me to release my fears over to her every time.

Emergency c-section?

When I was about 6-7cm dilated and had laboured for 16 hours the nurse asked if I would have an epidural to prepare for a potential emergency c-section because the baby's heart rate kept dropping every time I had a contraction and I was not progressing in labour. I did not want another c-section (my first son was born via c-section).

Unseen Therapist avoids c-section:

So, I asked The Unseen Therapist for guidance and she instructed me to change position to my hands and knees. Moments later I felt baby drop and called the nurse who was shocked that baby was about to arrive. Suddenly teams of medical staff filled the room and they were running around and telling me what to do and I ignored them (they kept asking me if I was ok and with them).

I just listened to The Unseen Therapist who told me to relax, don't push, surrender and allow my body to do what it knew to do, release my fears, breathe and not to worry, baby would fly out of me she kept saying! And fly out he did! He literally flew out of me still in his sac along with my placenta. The Dr. commented that that was rare. He was born on 13/04/21 at 3:42pm. I don't know much about numbers but 342 repeating (and being born on your birthday, Gary!) must mean something very special!

Down Syndrome:

They took him for assessment right away as he was premature, but when they did bring him to me briefly to hold the pediatrician told me he had all the physical characteristics of trisomy 21 (down syndrome) and they would do genetic testing on him. This was a huge shock. But again I surrendered to The Unseen Therapist and consulted with her and was just filled with love as I held baby for a little bit before they took him to the NICU. He was there for 3.5 weeks (related to down syndrome characteristics of low muscle tone and heart issues) and I asked The Unseen Therapist to be with us daily constantly.

A gift:

We are back home now and have many specialist appointments for baby, but I speak to The Unseen Therapist daily, multiple times a day and I know that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. I keep being told my son with down syndrome is a gift by The Unseen Therapist. I know this to be true. I wonder though of how his future will pan out. I suppose I still have worries and fears that are coming up that I need to work on.

I have the tools:

I wanted to share that I have never had a huge spiritual awakening moment where I experienced oneness and enlightenment for a brief time. However, I have many moments when I connect to The Unseen Therapist and feel the oneness and love while with her. Then, I am right back into life and ego until I connect. And connect. And connect. I feel for me it has taken a great deal of effort every day and multiple sessions with groups and individuals for me to truly start to hear The Unseen Therapist and connect for all the questions I need answered. It is still difficult at times to hear the messages and answers when I am at my worst, but I have the tools I need to always return to peace and remember the truth of who I am, the truth about oneness, the truth about the illusion.

Climbing the stairway to miracles:

So, my story is of slow daily work and connecting. How I am slowly but surely climbing the stairway to miracles! Thank you so much for introducing me to The Unseen Therapist, the holy spirit and for helping me connect more and more. I am also so grateful to you for the opportunity to join practice groups where I have been able to meet the most beautiful souls who have helped me through so much in my life. I truly owe my life, my new vision to you and every group member. I love you all so much!

I send you infinite gratitude and love Gary!



Below is a full Webinar video featuring Nami and the experiences of other OEFT Course Members who have developed advanced skills in communicating with The Unseen Therapist.

Topics of Interest:

0:00:00 Gary opens Webinar. Sheri provides an orientation.;
0:05:52 Gary provides an Overview and how communication with The Unseen Therapist can take many forms.
0:13:57 Marion shares her communications with The Unseen Therapist, including Conversational EFT and the near-instant healing of her damaged ankle.
0:28:28 Sheri shares some of her "magical" communication experiences with The Unseen Therapist.
0:35:26 Nami shares her many extraordinary communications with The Unseen Therapist. They include (1) relief from post-partum depression, (2) help with a devastating marital issue, (3) avoiding a c-section while delivering her third son and (4) help with the challenges arising from the gift of a down syndrome child.
01:11:12 Anne Ryan describes some of her communications with The Unseen Therapist.
01:16:03 Nami introduces us to her new son, Jace.
01:17:08 Mary describes some of her communications with The Unseen Therapist.
01:20:25 Norma describes some of her communications with The Unseen Therapist.
01:26:56 Sheri gives her final thoughts. Gary closes the Webinar.


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