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Risa's Benefits From OEFT Thoroughness


Hi Everyone,

Gary Craig logoRisa Silver is a Member of our Optimal EFT (OEFT) Membership Course and shares some impressive in-depth experiences in our correspondence below. Note the insightful questions that she weaves within her well-written message. For further clarity, I respond with GC COMMENTS within her message.


Hello Gary,


Yesterday I worked on an event using Tearless Trauma with Tapping, then Movie Technique while tapping, then OEFT. Many, many aspects arose and quite literally over the course of the day it took at least 3 cumulative hours to work through with all the aspects, images, false beliefs, etc. from that ONE event.

****do you have an opinion/insight on taking so darn long for one issue? It feels like it'll take a lifetime to dissolve a mere itty bitty percentage of issues.*** GC COMMENT: I commend you for this. While 3 hours is quite a bit for one event, it is to your credit that you dug into all the aspects. This is how you become thorough with this process… AND… it is how you accelerate your progress. Some students think that speeding through all our lessons, instructions, sessions, etc. is the road to faster results. Not so. Thoroughness will get you there much quicker.

Also, recall our Generalization Effect. By doing several specific events on a given topic THOROUGHLY, the benefits generalize over multitudes of similar events (sometimes hundreds or thousands). This is a huge time saver.

Today I tested the event and found another aspect. GC COMMENT: Good… more thoroughness. The event BTW was when I was between 6-9 yo and my uncle rushed into the room I was in with my cousin while we were playing with the phone (made a prank call). Uncle Seymour rushed into the room, grabbed me and my cousin by the back of our necks and slammed our heads together.

Anyway, when I tested today I felt stuck for quite a bit on one aspect. I was so tempted to give up, resign myself on it, maybe ask you for help AGAIN, but I realized I must do this myself. So, I OEFT'd on the issues of feeling unable to do this myself. LOL, that opened a doorway to more healing! Seems like a no-brainer choice, but what can I say. Dependency or self-efficacy is a choice! GC COMMENT: The Unseen Therapist frequently opens doors for us. The more we practice, the more of those doors we recognize.

Fast forward, as Unseen Therapist was doing Her beautiful brilliant healing this is what happened next:

I felt invisible workers of some sort, maybe beings, I don't know, brushing, more like shifting (think old fashioned typewriters when you get to the end of the page and push the lever for the type barrel return). It was very much a feeling of that. I could "see" in my inner self data, like literal digital data, being pushed off a type of grid. GC COMMENT: The Unseen Therapist appears differently for different people. The metaphors, feelings, etc. that you mention here bring healing your way while, for other people, these can appear in differing forms. Similar results, however.

After that I felt emptied of the event, pain, beliefs, etc. It was totally gone Good. To be expected.

So, when I checked in on the memory to see what might be left, I couldn't recall it at all. It's like I know there's this thing called "the time Seymour bashed my head into Joe's head and I got a concussion, etc." but the movie of it literally won't play like it's gone, gone, over, done. Like I can see this still-shot pictured the event on the cover of a book, it's not totally clear, and inside the book is just blank pages. GC COMMENT: But, obviously, you DO recall the event. Otherwise, how could you tell me about it? What is missing is the intensity (or sting) of the event. This is a common response. It seems like the memory is gone but, in reality, what is missing is the traumatic part. That’s excellent. It is precisely what we want. Doing this consistently has created emotional freedom for countless EFT’ers.

But, the fact that the movie won't play (the book is blank) sort of scares me. Like, ok, am I working my way into healing or self-induced dementia!

Have you or anyone you know of experienced this sense of the memory basically gone? It doesn't feel like denial, hiding, nothing like that. It feels like it's served its purpose and I just don't need it anymore. GC COMMENT: Yes, it has served its purpose. Lessons learned but who needs the traumatic replays from it?

Much love and appreciation,



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