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Anne Ryan on The Unseen Therapist's "deeper state of peace"

Hi Everyone,

Anne Ryan points out another of the subtle, yet powerful, benefits of The Unseen Therapist.

e-hugs, Gary


I am continuing to find working with the Unseen Therapist, both for myself and with clients, really powerful. You said at one time when we spoke that not everybody is ready for Her and that is for sure. 

However, for those who are, I see the deeper state of peace in them very quickly. It is really lovely to witness. It is often a calm, undramatic state where all is well and grounded and even. It feels like a very real state and the word that sometimes comes up is feeling "normal" or having a "normal" reaction to something like grief, whereas in the past there may have been great trauma around grief and an inability of those around them to support them in it.

Anne Ryan


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