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Astonishing results for symptoms

Hi Everyone,

Many people, like Sandeep Banerjee, are astonished at how well The Unseen Therapist can take care of symptoms. Not everyone, however, gets these results and that is because many issues require a deeper exploration into specific events and causes. I discuss this within Sandeep's inspiring message below. Note that he says, "...ever since Optimal EFT my success rate has jumped to a much higher level."

e-hugs, Gary


Hi Gary,

I have used EFT for well over 10 years and know the tapping version quite well. My estimated success rate with tapping would at best be about 40%, which in itself is really good. GC COMMENT: Good, Sandeep. Perhaps with more focus on specific events and causes, this success rate can be even higher.

However, ever since Optimal EFT my success rate has jumped to a much higher level. And particularly in the last couple of months the success rate has been staggeringly high (95% +) and it has left me and my family stunned!

I have literally seen headaches, coughs, breathing difficulties, aches and pains completely vanish every single time I apply Optimal EFT to my family and me. The only reason for stating 95% + (and not 100%) is because sometimes the pain, breathing difficulty, etc return after a while. GC COMMENT: When these symptoms return, I suggest you look for specific events and causes underlying them.

My children think I have special powers (and sometimes I cant help but think so too!) and when I explained to them what I do and how simple it is, they don't quite believe me.

To give you an instance where the recovery was dramatic: We are having a dreadful winter presently here in the UK with some very dangerous flu going around. My wife caught a flu bug and she had severe and persistent breathing difficulty with the fever. I work away from home Monday to Thursday and when I returned on Friday a couple of weeks ago, she was in a really distressed state and I panicked when I saw her. As we got into bed, I told her that I was going to do Optimal EFT for her, closed my eyes and followed the process.In just a few minutes (less than 10!) the breathing difficulty vanished completely! She said 'this is the first time I can breath freely in days!' Both of us were completely taken by surprise when this happened. Unfortunately, it didn't last and the issue returned again the next day and I simply repeated what I did and it has brought her relief EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I am an IT consultant by profession and consequently heavily left brain oriented - seeing is believing and 2 add 2 is always 4. Although I am a Hindu by birth, I am hardly religious (I do believe in the existence of a higher power though). I have never had a Near Death Experience. So when I actually see such dramatic changes, I typically try and find other possible explanations for the recovery. And in all these cases I cannot see any other contributor to the recovery but the Unseen Therapist (higher power).

I just had to share my excitement and joy with you. Thanks Gary.




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