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Questions and Answers

What About "Laying On Of Hands?


Gary Craig logoMy question is about "laying on of hands" and your experiences with EFT and laying simultaneously the free hand onto the body part that's causing problems. 


If I may, let me suggest two useful perspectives about your "laying on of hands" question.

  • For years, we have had remarkable EFT successes using Surrogate EFT. This is where EFT is applied, at a distance, by one person in behalf of another. This distance can be thousands of miles and, of course, laying on of hands in these circumstances is impossible. Nonetheless, we get impressive results without the laying on of hands. Because of this, we must question whether or not laying on of hands adds any benefit.

  • Your question presumes you are doing EFT Tapping with one hand while putting your other hand on a damaged physical location. I urge you to explore our latest advancement, Optimal EFT, wherein EFT Tapping, time and distance do not matter. Much more powerful. No tapping involved.

In essence, Joshua, you may find laying on of hands useful, but you can advance your skills beyond that.

Hope this helps, Gary

PS: Please explore my free intro e-book, The Unseen Therapist. It will open your door to Optimal EFT.


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