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The Stairway To Miracles

There's Only One Of Us

Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.

Two Worlds

Two Worlds
Two Worlds

As we journey up The Stairway to Miracles, we discover two Worlds: The World Within Our Senses and The World Beyond Our Senses. Our goal is to gradually shift from the first World to the second where multitudes of new doors open and old, limiting beliefs fade. 

The World Within Our Senses is like a prison. It keeps us contained within the erroneous notion that there are billions of us inhabiting this planet and all of us are unique. Even identical twins look slightly different and vary in their beliefs, decisions, preferences and so on. Even though we are learning that this is a mirage, it is so compelling that we must compensate for it in our daily lives.  Accordingly, almost every decision we make is influenced by how this World, and the imaginary people in it, will respond.

But our goal is to see beyond that. We must recognize what quantum physics and countless people with Near Death Experiences and spiritual encounters like mine are clearly telling us, i.e. that there is no separation and thus there is only One of us. To do so, requires that we perceive ALL other people as joined with us in the ultra-loving state of The World Beyond Our Senses. No differences whatsoever. Love makes no distinctions. Again, all of this comes into focus as we ascend The Stairway to Miracles.

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

Now let's explore this Oneness notion and lay out some of its features:

  • If we are all One then, despite how it appears, everyone else is a reflection -- a mirror -- of ourselves.
  • This includes those we label angelic as well as those we consider robbers, rapists, murderers and pedophiles. It includes our very best friends -- and -- our worst enemies.
  • Thus within our dream of separation this kaleidoscope of "people features" represents our potential to both love and hate -- to nurture and reject -- to experience both peace and turmoil.
  • So when we come across people we don't like, we are actually experiencing reflections of things we don't like about ourselves. It may not seem that way. In fact, we may argue for an opposite conclusion. But if we are all One then you ARE those people and they ARE you. It may take some more convincing for this to sink in but, until it does, the denial of this form of Oneness is keeping us in that prison we call The World Within Our Senses.
  • In The World Beyond Our Senses there is only One thing -- Love.  Everything else fades into nothingness because there is no "everything else."

Now here's a fascinating thought...

If those who irritate us are actually part of us then we MUST see beyond their "shortcomings" if we are to perceive ourselves as Love. Spiritual Love is all encompassing. There can be nothing else. Thus if we see any part of us as even slightly offensive then we have denied the complete state of Love that is our reality. 

True Forgiveness comes from this understanding. We must learn that this World Within Our Senses is nothing but a dream and the unloving behavior of everyone, including that of you, me and those who offend us, is but a fiction. As we approach that realization, True Forgiveness becomes easier because, ultimately, there is nothing to forgive. And if there is nothing to forgive then the slate is clean and we are left with a glorious state of Loving Oneness. No resentments. No judgments. Just Love.

e-hugs, Gary


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