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How do I approach chronic bronchitis?

Dear Gary,

I practised 45 years as a chiropractor and acupuncturist and for the last 20 years I incorporated your work plus my own Unseen Therapist (who's yours too). İ got  great results. But for myself there seems to be no way to get rid of my chronic bronchitis. I tried limiting beliefs to no avail. Any suggestions?


Yes, I have a suggestion. In my book, The Unseen Therapist​, I give a detailed method for using The Unseen Therapist to address ANY issue (including bronchitis). The idea is to make a list of emotionally charged specific events from your past and use the Personal Peace Procedure (as described in my book) on them.

It's human nature, I find, for people to read about the method but not apply it. However, if applied diligently, a lot of magic can happen. l've seen it often.

Hope this helps, Gary


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