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The Stairway To Miracles

The Ultimate Mentor

Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.

The Unseen Therapist
(Your "Wisdom Within")

You own a Genie in a bottle... The Unseen Therapist... and She can grant you a lot more than three wishes. 

MentorShe is your Ultimate Mentor and, if you will let Her, She can guide you to perfect contentment, absolute peace and an unshakable confidence that eliminates all the doubt and worry from your pursuits. 

She is your "Wisdom Within" that sees beyond the arrogance of the ego to solutions where no one loses. She replaces anger with altruism, resentments with respect and grievances with gratitude. 

Indeed, She can provide the harmony of heaven where all things are possible. And She is eager to do so. She awaits only your readiness. 

Unfortunately, we are not as ready as we might think. 

I know it doesn't seem that way but this Ultimate Mentor is constantly communicating with us and will answer any question when we genuinely want to hear the answer. The problem is that our egos want to take charge. They want to be both judge and jury so they can dominate, win and "be right." Thus our communication channel with The Unseen Therapist tends to be demoted to a distant whisper and is often drowned out by the incessant noise of the ego. 

There is also a disconnect between the desires of the ego and the true treasures of our Ultimate Mentor. The ego wants the "things" of this world and considers them to be trophies. It wants Olympic gold medals, a never-ending parade of awards, compliments, applause and other evidences of "being somebody" or being "better than." It wants fame, fortune, cars, perfect bodies and adulation so it can be assured it is OK. 

These superficial pursuits, as enticing as they may seem, support the ego and the illusion of separation. They result in competition instead of cooperation which bring about wars, poverty, pollution and all the rest of the world's many ills. 

The Ultimate Mentor, on the other hand, sees the silliness of the ego and gently guides us to the true reality of love and the Oneness to which we all belong. This is Her launching pad for your Wisdom Within and the source of the profound personal peace which is your ultimate trophy. 

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

Her benefits are abundant on our website, this newsletter and in the personal experiences of those who have chosen to use Optimal EFT to overcome the challenges of the ego. We are all on a Stairway to Miracles where each person climbs at his/her own pace. We join together. We share. We love. 

Our only challenge is to learn to listen. The messages from our Ultimate Mentor are ever-present but we must elevate them from the wimpy whisper that our egos have given them to the symphonic song they deserve. That takes practice, of course, and I am thrilled with the enthusiasm many are putting into this essential effort. We are building a song of solidarity and, together, we will provide a chorus heard around the world. 

If you are new to this idea, a good start is to read my free introductory book, The Unseen Therapist. From there you can explore The Optimal EFT Course - Online Training From the Founder where motivated students learn at higher levels and join with me in advanced Webinars. They also form their own practice groups to improve their skills. 

e-hugs, Gary

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