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"Impossible" Healing of Multiple Events

(Collapsing bothersome events like dominos)

 "...they were just popping up and collapsing just as fast..." 

Definition of impossible:

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.  

ImpossibleNiyanta Spelman is a newcomer to our The Optimal EFT™ Course - Online Training From the Founder and shares a new level of experience with The Unseen Therapist. She writes... 

"This morning I had a strange experience. A lot of memories from childhood came up and I was able to collapse them. Oddly, they were just popping up and collapsing just as fast, like in a state of constant presence with The Unseen Therapist, like a swirl that went through each one after another. Now, it felt very fast but I don't know how long it was in time. I just checked a bunch of those memories right now and they are coming back at 0 and I am feeling no emotions around them, in fact they feel quite distant. 

I haven't read anything that says that it would happen like that, that fast, in that constant presence. But it was lovely! Also, since you and I spoke, I have had several experiences of the oneness all around me, "feeling" and "seeing" no separation with things around me."

The Unseen Therapist's "normal" depth and efficiency for collapsing well-identified specific events already surpasses anything I've seen in the healing field. And now Niyanta's experience adds even more possibilities. 

Over time, I expect numerous other advancements to show up. That's the nature of this ever-evolving process. 

For more, watch this video interview with Niyanta.  

 e-hugs, Gary


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