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Other Physical Issues

Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Combining EFT and meditation for a sleep disorder

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Aileen Nobles gives us a step-by-step procedure for doing EFT mentally during meditation. Very clever and useful for many things besides insomnia.

Hugs, Gary

By Aileen Nobles

Hi Gary,

“Harry” is a successful publisher with a great deal of stress.  He had been unable to get more than a few hours sleep for years due to anxiety and a negative voice in his head that he couldn’t turn off.  As I tuned into him I saw a very spiritual man in a great deal of conflict.  We talked about his desire to run away from his present life, to live in a monastic way.  I asked him what had been going on in his life around the time his insomnia started.  A couple of major issues came up.

Harry is a man with his own strong moral sense, although married he had fallen in love with a colleague, and was grappling over thoughts of having an affair.  Even though he never did have the affair he was eaten up with guilt.  He had also given this woman a large amount of money to produce a television show, and four years later he had not seen the show produced, and his own financial situation was suffering.  His nighttime was filled with guilt and worry about his life and finances.  We started tapping.

Even though I thought about having an affair…

Even though I didn’t live up to my own moral standard in my head…

I wonder how many men just have an affair in their head, and don’t have a physical one.

I must be one of the few who didn’t actually do it.

It still doesn’t make it OK for me.

I was wrong, and judge myself harshly.

I need to wear sack cloth and ashes, but as that not feasible in this day and age, I will just beat myself up by disturbing my sleep.

Without enough sleep I don’t feel good, I am doing a really good job of punishing myself.

How could I even think of having an affair … I must be human!!

I didn’t actually have one.

What’s the point of giving myself such a hard time?

How interesting it would be if I decided that I did something right by not having an affair.

I was quite amazing.

We continued in this vein for a while until he really found the whole situation amusing, even though he is a very serious man.  Next we worked with his angst over giving this woman so much money for a television project.

I made the decision and did it.

She is a very successful producer.

I don’t know why nothing has happened yet, but my worry isn’t going to help it.

If worry would get the show on the road, then I could be the worlds best worrier, however worry does not do anything constructive.

Letting go of worry

Perhaps I made a mistake.

If I made a mistake, worry and keeping myself up at night isn’t going to change the situation.

I wonder what it would be like to be more gentle with myself and allow myself to sleep.

Harry reported the following week that his sleep patterns had been two steps forward and one step back.  Considering his penchant for focusing on the worst, I thought that we had had a major breakthrough.

In the following session I combined EFT with meditation.  I have found this to be extremely effective with clients who are open and ready, and it can be used on most situations after the intensity of specific issues have been collapsed. 

I have the client enter into a relaxed meditative state and then have them visualize tapping as they quietly repeat my words.  If they go too deeply it’s too much effort to participate, which is OK as it’s still reaching the subconscious, but not what I am aiming for.  I have included an abbreviated version of the EFT meditation for anyone interested in using this combination.

Breathing in light breathing out anxiety

Breathing in light

Breathing out sadness and pain

Consciously move your awareness out of your head and into your heart

Relaxing every muscle, etc.:

We begin by calling in all of our guides and angels and beings of light, who are here to work with us today.

As we go deeper we begin to go higher we ask that our vibration be lifted to a higher frequency

Take another deep breath and go deeper deeper deeper and higher.

Letting go of our worries and thoughts, surrendering and releasing them to a higher power.

Take another deep breath and go deeper and higher into the hands of spirit, my physical body is now at peace becoming more and more relaxed.

Peace is with me

Peace is my Divine Right

Take another deep breath

I surrender my anxiety to you God/ universe

Imagine you are tapping on the top of your head as you feel yourself letting go, say to yourself, I surrender all my anxiety into your hands.

Imagine streams of anxiety being lifted from you to be transmuted into light.

Imagine tapping on the eyebrows

I release all conscious thoughts that are causing me stress, and I surrender the energy of stress into your hands

Imagine tapping the side of you eyes.

Subconscious you will release my old patterns and habits of thought that continue to create anxiety and stress in me.  When it is time to sleep you will eliminate the thoughts connected to business, You will release any negative voice, beliefs or parts that sabotage my sleep. You will allow me to sleep comfortably for eight hours.

Take another deep breath.

Deeper and deeper, higher and higher.  Peace peace is mine.

Tap under your eyes in your imagination

I release any feelings of separation from God or higher self.  Let these thoughts be lifted and transmuted into light.

Imagine tapping under your nose.

I am filled with the love and light of God filling every cell of my body


Take a deep breath and go even deeper and higher

I am filled with the healing power of God. I allow myself a good night sleep.

Under the arm.

Releasing anything that is lowering my vibration into the hands of the universe

Take another deep breath.  I am filled with light and peace

Relaxing and trusting in the divine plan

I am part of divine energy

I am healed and whole, I allow myself to enjoy a wonderful deep sleep each night so I may wake up refreshed and energized.

Side of hand

I ask my subconscious to continue to release and surrender any fear that I may have taken on as truth.  I understand this is only the small picture.

Subconscious, you are being programmed to switch my mind off business when it is time for me to sleep. You will now trigger sleep patterns around 11pm and then you will allow me to sleep comfortably, I deserve this and I allow it.

I surrender my anxiety, my stress, my fear, my anger, my guilt my sadness my loneliness.

I surrender myself into your hands, cradled in love and peace.

Healing taking place on every level of my being.

Sleep, sleep sleep, I am ready for deep relaxing sleep

Harry reported joyfully that he was sleeping well most nights, and was able to be in a more relaxed state during the day.

EFT saved the day (or night)

Love and Light

Aileen Nobles


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