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Powerful Performance Improvement in a Tumbling Class

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

If this article by Judy Whitcraft doesn't motivate EFT'ers to pursue the sports performance field then I don't know what will. Judy owns a tumbling and dance studio and recently chose to integrate EFT into her curriculum with astonishing results. As you will see, some straightforward uses of EFT allowed performance to increase dramatically across the board. The day will come when professional athletes will be using these procedures routinely. Are you going to be involved in this obvious and lucrative use of EFT? Or will you be an observer?

By Judy Whitcraft

Dear Gary,

For the last 33 years I have been the owner/instructor of a tumbling and dance studio. I have 275 students.

Last March I discovered EFT and have been using it non stop with myself, friends, and anyone who lets me, with amazing results. It is a wonder.

For the last 4 weeks I have been experimenting with the performance results of EFT in two of my tumbling classes. For the summer I added a new choice. "EFT Specialty Tumbling Class."

I only allowed 5 students in the one hour class, which was once a week, for four weeks. 10 students signed up ... enough for two classes. Their ages ranged from 7 years old to 16 years old. I had an instructor and an assistant to work with the students and spot them, while my job was to do EFT, sometimes with them as a group and sometimes one on one. I encouraged the parents to watch the class. I had no idea what results might occur. The four weeks turned out to be interesting, amazing, surprising and VERY FUN for the students, parents, and instructors.

Some of the many results are as follows.


I had all the girls do the splits, with no stretching, and gage how far they were down. Then we did "Even though I'm not all the way down in the splits, I am very flexible." Then each girl tapped on themselves the points from the top of the head to under the arm. Then tried the splits again. All the girls were down farther. Another round, "Even though I'm still not all the way down in the splits, I have a flexible body."

We did three rounds and the results were amazing. Girls that had never been all the way down, were now down. EVERYONE was closer than they had ever been before. And all this was with NO stretching. One little eight year old that had never been any closer than 8 inches off the floor was so excited that she kept tapping on her own the rest of the hour and was ALL THE WAY DOWN. I can tell you --- that just DOES NOT happen . Also interesting, was that in the following weeks the results held to a great extent, and the girls were never at their original stiffer starting place.

In the next two weeks we did other flexibility experiments. We worked on bending forward and touching head to knees with straight knees, using the same set up phrase, and had the same incredible results with no stretching. The next week we experimented laying on their stomach and touching their feet to their head. Same amazing results. One student had her toes all the way under her chin. She had never come close to that before!


The girls ALL improved control of their handstands. ALL 6 of the more advanced ones improved their best-ever handwalk score, including the instructors. Set up phrase was "Even though I only did 12 handwalks, I have great balance."


All the girls overcame assorted fear problems. We used our crash mat and built up their confidence on run hop roundoff into back handspring. Then some also did it on the regular mat. Two of the girls that had never done back handsprings by themselves, are now running and doing two consecutive back handsprings on the regular mat, and even attempting back aerials. All other students have improved immensely also.

Front handsprings to squat progressed to more advanced layout handsprings. The beginner children that were afraid to even go all the over from a handstand into a backbend, now land it easily and with confidence. Interestingly, when they do fall down, it doesn't bother them now. They just get up and try again-with confidence. Even form issues (bent knees/bent arms) have been improved. Set up phrases included,

"Even though my arms are bent, I am an awesome gymnast,"

"Even though I have never landed on my feet before, I have great balance,"

"Even though I don't think I can do this trick, I am an awesome kid."

"Even though I don't do back flips like Tracie yet, I am a good kid," "Even though I'm not perfect and I want to be perfect and it makes me mad when I'm not perfect, I'm a good kid anyway."

I worked with each child at their own level. All these students were ready to safely attempt or be spotted on these tricks. All of them had been with me for at least two years.

One cute story - 7 year old Samantha was not landing on her feet on her trick. While she was waiting in line for her turn, 8 year old Katey took control and did the whole set up phrase and tapping on Sam. Samantha then ran and did the trick correctly. Everyone turned around and said, "Thank you Katey!"

I am excited to work with my tumbling team this next season. I can already see them sitting at the meets in line waiting for their turn, tapping on themselves. "judge looks scary," "afraid of messing up", "that girl in front of me was really good," "my stomach has butterflies." They will have the other coaches asking questions. And that is a good thing. I will be happy to teach them, too. We are all one in this world anyway.

For my fall/winter 9 month session, all of the classes that I personally teach will include EFT. The parents will be requested to sign a release form expressly for EFT. Of course if they are not comfortable with that, they can sign the part to request that I NOT do EFT with their child, and I will honor that. My vision is that the children will learn it, do EFT with themselves and their friends, then the parents and teachers and school nurses will get curious, learn EFT and teach others. Start at the grass roots with the children and let it spread outwards.


Judy Whitcraft


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