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Using EFT for child birthing fears

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

The child birthing process carries with it many fears: Will it be painful?, Will my baby be OK?, Will I need surgery? And so on. This emotional unrest helps neither baby nor mother and thus using EFT along the way can bring major benefits. In this case by Aileen Nobles we find numerous examples of tapping issues and methods for these circumstances. You should find it to be a good checklist when your time comes.

By Aileen Nobles

Hi Gary,

Probably one of the most joyful uses of EFT for me is to release the fear some mothers-to-be have of giving birth. Sometimes this fear will hinder their body from becoming pregnant. It may be a subconscious fear, or it may be very conscious. Either way it is an energy that is detrimental to mother and baby. I have seen a number of times that once the fear is lifted pregnancy happens...perhaps it would have happened anyway, but now at least its without fear.

Many different fears emerge when pregnancy is contemplated or experienced, such as fear of labor being too painful to handle, fear of not being strong enough to do it "properly," fear of the baby not being "normal." All of these issues so far have been resolved very quickly and easily with EFT. Recently on a half hour television show I worked with a mother who had planned a home delivery for her first baby. She ended up having a cesarean delivery. Now she is eight months pregnant with her second baby, and wants a natural delivery in a hospital, but was afraid this birth would turn out the same way as the first one.

The fear factor was 9 on the 0-10 scale. We started with Elizabeth tapping on her sore spot.

"Even though I'm terrified of a difficult labor, its OK I'll love and accept myself anyway."
"Even though I'm terrified of going through labor again, its OK I'll love and accept myself anyway."
"Of course I'm scared to death of going through labor again, who wouldn't be after all I went through."

We moved to the short sequence:

"I really am afraid of going into labor"
"I'm really afraid its going to be as difficult again"
"I still have that painful memory in my subconscious and every cell of my body"
"Of course I still have fear, who wouldn't have it after all I'm sane!"
"I am afraid, I give myself permission to be afraid...but I would much rather not be"
"I really am afraid, but I really want this baby, and as I don't know how to ask the stork to deliver him, I'm just going to have to birth him."
"Just because it was hard last time does not mean it will be hard this time."
"In fact I know many stories where the second baby is easier."
"I really don't want to hold on to any fear any more"
"Cells of my body release old memory and fear right now, connected with my first birth. That was then, and this is now."
"With Alyssa's birth (first baby) I actually proved to myself how strong I am...I don't need to prove it again! "
"I did it really well, I don't have to do it again"
"This birth is probably going to be really easy relatively speaking, as if I'm birthing a grapefruit instead of a watermelon."

A huge burst of laughter and sighs.

"I believe this time it will be easy, there's no reason it wont be. Easier the second time."
"I've heard of deliveries being so quick and easy that the baby didn't even wait to get to the hospital. I would like mine to wait until the hospital and then be that easy."
"Its going to be easy, I'm feeling good about the thought of giving birth."
"Its going to be easier than I can imagine. Easy and loving for both of us."
"Easy delivery, beautiful delivery, my body knows how to have a baby if I get my head out of the way."
"Every cell of my body knows what to do and he (baby) knows what to do."
"He says I want out of here (when its time)"
"I'm ready for an easy birth, I choose an easy birth, I allow an easy birth."

The thought of giving birth was clear and positive. I asked her if anything else hadn't been addressed and she mentioned her fear of needing another cesarean.

Tapping on the karate point:

"I'm afraid I may have to have a cesarean again."
"I did not expect it the first time...however it was a relief after all I'd gone through but I rather not do it again. But that was my baby girl, and now I have a beautiful baby boy who wants to be born."

We did a round of letting go of fear.
Back to the karate point
Easy natural birth

"He doesn't want a cesarean, I don't want a cesarean."
"I can imagine people sighing "Elizabeth how did you do it so easily."
"I will allow the healing energy of the universe to flow through me , supporting me in this beautiful time of birthing a new life."
"I am ready"

We quickly and easily released all of those fears and she is calm and ready for the new birth, no matter how it turns out.

Aileen Nobles


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