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How I used EFT to run 15 marathons in 3 = years

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Carol Tuttle is one of the most fit people you will meet and much of her fitness is due to her passion for running marathons. A marathon, if you don't already know, is a 26.2 mile race. Carol started this demanding venture as a "marathon newbie" 5 years ago and, of course, had both physical challenges and limiting beliefs to overcome. She addressed both of these with EFT and gives all the details in this article.

By Carol Tuttle

5 years ago if you had told me I was even going to run 1 marathon, I would not have believed you. I did not believe I could ever run 26.2 miles at one time. The most I had ever run in my life was 5 miles and that had been over 25 years earlier. Deep within me there was a desire to collapse those limiting beliefs and take on the challenge. I knew that I would face many issues and blocks along the way so I decided to make EFT a part of my training and marathon running program.

Since time was an issue and I knew that I would be using my time more and more each week to increase my miles, I incorporated my EFT "sessions" into my runs. A popular running program for newbie's like me is a run/walk routine where you run 9 minutes then walk 1 minute. I used my 1 minute walking time to do my EFT sessions.

Not only did I do this for all my runs for the 8 months of training before my first marathon, but it worked so well I have also used it for all the marathons I have run. Further, I will continue to use it.

There were several stages I went through during my training and many issues and limiting beliefs that came up. To simplify things I have divided my experience into two stages: The Training Stage before my first marathon and how I use EFT during the actual marathons I have run.

I use a simple application of EFT that Gary Craig calls The Basic Recipe. It is easy to use, especially if you are doing walking segments.

Training for my first marathon:

Tap using the Basic Recipe while repeating the following statements:

Even though I can't believe I am doing this I am excited to take on the challenge

Even though it scares me that I may die trying I am letting go of the fear

Even though I have never run that far for that long I am going through all the steps that will prepare me to succeed at my goal.

As the miles began to increase week to week I included statements like:

Even though I don't feel like getting up so early and running so far, I am staying true to my goal

Even though I don't feel like running right now I am committed to the outcome

Even though I would rather stay in my bed I am getting up now

After tapping statements like above I would continue tapping while repeating, tapping out all of the:

Fear / tired / why am I doing this / I am not a runner / what was I thinking / I don't know if I can do this ...

After collapsing those negative thoughts and feelings I anchored in these positive beliefs by tapping and repeating:

I am proud of myself / I am ready to run / I am getting stronger and stronger each week / I am doing it even if it is hard at times / my body is strong and clear / I am grateful for my legs that they are willing to work this hard for me / I am achieving my goal and successfully running my first marathon.

Using EFT during the actual marathon run:

At the start of the run:

Even though I am not sure if I am ready for this I am excited to be here with all these people who are here doing something great for themselves

Even though I had to get up really, really early I am rested and prepared

Even though a lot of people are faster than me I am grateful I am healthy enough to be doing this

During my 1 minute walking time I use statements like:

Even though my legs are getting tired I am strong and clear

Even though this mile seems really long I am distracted and the time goes by quickly

Even though I want to stop I am choosing to keep on going and going

Even though most people believe mile 20 is like "hitting a wall" I am fresh and just starting my run, the last 20 miles were just my warm-up!

I also include statements like:

Tapping out all the:

Tiredness / burning / heavy / can't do this / what was I thinking / Just want to stop / not sure if my body can keep on going / uncertainty...

I also made sure I tapped on these positive statements to recharge my body with positive energy:

I am strong / I am clear / I am a great runner / I am experiencing the time going by quickly / I am nearly done / I am grateful for my strong healthy body / I am thankful for my legs / I am proud of my body and its willingness to do this.

I am here to tell you that using EFT my training has made all the difference. Crossing the finish line of my first marathon was a spiritual high for me. I continue to use EFT and run more marathons. I am now aiming to join the 50 States Club by running a marathon in each State. It may take me a few years to reach this goal, but I know that EFT will help me get there!

Carol Tuttle


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