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Pain Management

Twelve years of ankle pain vanishes -- 18 month follow up still shows no pain

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here's a classic example by Carol Look of how a properly performed EFT session can permanently eliminate "impossible to heal" pain. Note how the original physician in this case told the client that, “You’re going to have pain and swelling in that ankle for the rest of your life!”

Hugs, Gary

By Dr. Carol Look

A 61 year old nurse and hypnotist suffered for 12 years with intense ankle pain and debilitating swelling after a severe car accident and surgery.  After attending a pain relief EFT workshop, her ankle pain vanished.  The workshop took place nearly 18 months ago.


Nearly 13 years ago now, Sue had a head on collision car accident which snapped her ankle and required extensive surgery.  She said she remembers looking down and seeing that her foot was at a 90 degree angle to her leg, “just dangling there.”  She required an operation to take all the cartilage out and to place two pins into her ankle.  In addition, she had an “external fixator” on her leg (metal contraption with screws attached to the bone to allow it to stabilize and heal) for 14 weeks.  Sue said that the entire process was an ordeal and that overall, she was “laid up for an entire year.”


Sue attended my 3 day “Art of Delivery” workshop approximately 18 months ago.  As part of the day devoted to pain relief, we tapped on the old injury she had in her ankle. 

On stage, Sue told the group how even 12 years after her accident and intensive surgery, she was still suffering daily from a painful and swollen ankle.  She told the group she experienced ankle pain between a 4-8 (on the 0-10 point level of intensity scale) ALL the time, and the swelling measured frequently as high as a 10 out of 10, as her left ankle was often double the “normal” size of her other ankle.

When I asked Sue her “theory” about why her ankle pain had not gone away, she wasn’t entirely sure, but started telling us about her experience in the hospital and a conversation with her doctor that had upset her after she came out of surgery.

She reported to the group that when she came out of anesthesia, the doctor told her “You’re going to have pain and swelling in that ankle for the rest of your life!”  Sue told us that her reply was, “I’m not going to let you put that thought into my head” but realized as she was telling the group this story that she had in fact “let him” put that thought into her head!

She admitted being enraged at the doctor (“not angry but ENRAGED she said), and angry at herself for taking on his “prediction.”  In addition, she was exasperated with the ongoing pain and swelling that had so restricted her life since the accident and follow up surgery.

I conducted several borrowing benefits sessions throughout the day, and then tapped on stage with a small group of people who also had pain issues.  When focusing on Sue, the EFT tapping targeted her symptoms and her rage as follows:

Karate Chop Point: Even though I have this pain and swelling in my ankle, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway…Even though I’ve been holding pain and swelling in my ankle for all these years, I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I still have pain from the accident and surgery, I accept who I am and choose to let go.

EYEBROW:  I’m holding pain in my ankle.

SIDE OF EYE: This pain in my ankle is stubborn.

UNDER EYE: This swelling is still stuck in my ankle.

UNDER NOSE: This pain and swelling from the accident won’t go away.

CHIN: These emotions in my ankle from the accident.

COLLARBONE: I’ve been holding my accident memories in my ankle.

UNDER ARM: This pain and swelling in my ankle.

HEAD: The feelings about the accident are still in my ankle.

Karate Chop PointEven though I feel enraged at the doctor for what he said, I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I’m enraged at that doctor, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway…Even though I’m enraged about what he said to me, I accept who I am and what happened.

EYEBROW:  I’m enraged at the doctor.

SIDE OF EYE: He shouldn’t have said that to me!

UNDER EYE: I’m enraged at him for saying that.

UNDER NOSE: He shouldn’t have suggested I’d have pain.

CHIN: This rage has been in my ankle all this time…

COLLARBONE: I’m still enraged at him and I’m not ready to let go.

UNDER ARM: He shouldn’t have said something like that.

HEAD: I’ve been holding this rage in my ankle for years.

EYEBROW:  I’m enraged at the doctor.

SIDE OF EYE: He shouldn’t have said what he did.

UNDER EYE: I’ve been holding the rage in my body.

UNDER NOSE: I’ve been holding the rage in my ankle pain.

CHIN: This rage has swollen my ankle.

COLLARBONE: I’ve been holding on to the rage in my ankle.

UNDER ARM: I’m enraged but ready to let go.

HEAD: I’ve been holding the rage as pain in my ankle.

Karate Chop Point: Even though I’m angry at myself for taking on his prediction, I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I’m so angry at myself for listening to the doctor, I have decided to accept and forgive myself anyway…Even though I’m frustrated with myself for taking his message in, I deeply and profoundly love and accept who I am and how I feel.

EYEBROW:  I blame myself for listening to what he said.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m mad at myself for taking in his message.

UNDER EYE: It’s all my fault for listening to him.

UNDER NOSE: I shouldn’t have taken in his message.

CHIN: It’s all my fault, and always is.

COLLARBONE: I’m angry at myself.

UNDER ARM:  I’ve been holding this blame in my ankle.

HEAD: The anger and blame is in my ankle.

EYEBROW:  The anger is making me swell.

SIDE OF EYE:  The swelling in my ankle won’t go away.

UNDER EYE:  The anger is swelling my ankle.

UNDER NOSE: The frustration is making my ankle swell.

CHIN: This swelling in my ankle is about my anger.

COLLARBONE: This pain in my ankle won’t go away.

UNDER ARM:  Years of pain in my ankle…

HEAD: These years of pain in my ankle…

EYEBROW: What if I could let go of my rage?

SIDE OF EYE: I choose to feel calm and peaceful.

UNDER EYE: I choose to release my ankle rage.

UNDER NOSE: I accept what happened and choose to move forward.

CHIN: I appreciate my body’s responses.

COLLARBONE: I appreciate my ankle.

UNDER ARM: I am ready to heal this pain.

HEAD: I choose to move forward.

At the end of the demonstration, Sue announced to the group that her pain and swelling had cleared on stage completely.

I had no follow-up contact with Sue until recently.


I met one of Sue’s friends and colleagues last week at a workshop who told me “Sue’s ankle pain has remained totally cleared.  As long as I’ve known her, she’s had that problem, but now it’s gone.”  This prompted me to contact Sue and get the entire story.  Sue confirmed that her ankle pain has remained at a “0” as has her swelling except for once in a while when she sits on her ankle during long hours at the computer.  If this happens, she does a few short rounds of EFT for very minor swelling and it clears entirely.

Sue said her greatest freedom from the EFT was that “now I am walking normally as if nothing was ever wrong with my ankle!”  And she can even use a treadmill now…

Sue’s final words…“I can’t even begin to tell you how transforming EFT has been for me…” 

Carol Look


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