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Oh my! Rosey Green swallowed a stinging wasp

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Read how Rosey Green from the UK used EFT to bring relief after being stung by a wasp inside her throat. How's that for quality first aid? Then, at another time, she used EFT to recover from a form of blackout. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Rosey Green

I am deeply committed to EFT after coming across it by chance some years ago. Last year I was musing on the fact that I had little experience of working with physical pain or physical trauma when as fate had it I underwent the following 'miraculous healings' in close succession. I'm always inspired by other people's stories in your newsletter Gary and felt I'd like to add mine to the mix.

One summer I was painting the outside of my house. The back door and window were open and I had left a drink of black tea on the side in a black mug. I did not, therefore, spot the wasp until it stung me as I swallowed down several gulps of the cold liquid. For a split second I thought it was a lemon pip but then cold reality dawned and for a split second I was unable to continue the swallowing reflex for fear of being stung a second or third time! I immediately started tapping on:

Even though I've swallowed a wasp, it just stung my throat, oh my God! But even though it's stung me I choose to stay calm and to invoke my super strong immune system.

Even though I've swallowed a wasp (pause for humour as I laughed at the fact that the universe had sent me precisely what I'd been asking for - a chance to show myself that EFT could reverse physical pain and inflammation in super quick time) and I'm in pain, I know I'm going to be fine...

Followed by "I've been stung but I choose to stay calm."

I'd felt a really fast constriction as the inflammation threatened to take hold and dashed through to the living room to ask my husband to drive me to accident and emergency. I needn't have gone! The intense fear of suffering breathing difficulties etc. quickly dissipated in the car as I tapped round the usual quick points with the setup:

Even though my breathing's constricted I choose to stay calm and know I'm going to be absolutely fine.

Even though my throat feels tight and I'm feeling scared I know my immune system is fantastically strong...

Even though it's like a vice around my throat I choose to stay calm and to breathe properly and I completely and totally accept how I'm feeling now."

Even though I'm panicking! I've been stung by a wasp in my throat and I can't see it or get at it... I can't see the damage or what's happening but I trust my system to heal it.

It hurts and my throat feels clamped shut, tighter and tighter, scared I won't be able to swallow or breathe properly A bloody wasp stung me. What a shock! I swallowed the damn thing. What's going to happen to me now? What if I can't breathe. I'm scared I can't see or do anything but I know my immune system's working all the time and it's at 100% strength. It's a 10 out of 10 strength my immune response!

When we arrived at the hospital I was ushered into Accident & Emergency and my blood pressure and pulse taken asap. I was then left for 30 minutes - I wasn't deemed 'urgent' because these vital signs were normal!! I lay on a trolley in the assessment ward and got a few funny looks because of the tapping and the fact I was dressed in old clothes covered from head to toe in paint! Realizing I was in the 'system' then and may as well just continue to heal myself the best way I knew how I focused on remaining pain.

What had happened since the car tapping was that all pain in the back of the throat had gone, all anxiety, all sense of constriction. However my shoulder blades felt as if someone was pounding a painful and heavy drum beat on them. It was most bizarre!

A consultant did arrive in time, looked down my throat with a light and said he couldn't see the sting, it must be too far down. I said I felt fine and asked to go home, but he insisted I remain on a side ward for an hour or two as there may be a 'delayed reaction' i.e. either I was lying about it having happened at all or the body's response was yet to come! I waited, read a paperback, ate some hospital food and went home feeling pretty fine. There was a little tightness and raspyness in my throat when I ate certain foods for a couple of days but that quickly passed. When I think about previous wasp stings on the arm, leg and face as a child I cannot recall any healing so quickly.

If the same thing happened now I wouldn't bother with hospital admission. I suffered less discomfort than after a grazed knee! I think the phrase anaphylactic shock had lodged somewhere in my mind, something about someone dying.

My second 'EFT miracle' on myself was one winter. I felt a little unwell on rising and, as I walked down the stairs, I felt distinctly queasy. By the time I reached the kitchen it felt as if my whole body was about to collapse so I prepared for violent nausea and possible loss of my bowels. I have only fainted/ collapsed once in my 44 years -and that was the result of excessive alcohol, sunstroke and food poisoning as a foolish 18-year-old.

This time I was aware of a very strong sensation of all my bodily functions shutting down, imminent blackout, in fact, I actually figured I was going to die. It was very frightening. The house was cold, I was frightened. I fell, banged my head on the tiled floor and lie undisturbed for hours as I was alone. In the few seconds that it took to register "Oh My God I'm just going to totally blackout, lose out, collapse, might even die" another voice kicked in "Tap on it then you silly so and so!" so I did:

Even though everything's shutting down and I'm going to black out...
Even though I'm scared I'm going to collapse ...
Even though I'm totally losing control...

I then tapped round the usual shortcut points on:

Feel like I'm going to collapse. I'm blacking out. I'm going to be violently sick and collapse. etc. and the most incredible thing happened.

The tidal wave of shutdown/blackout/fading away literally receded within seconds. It just washed right off me as opposed to over me. I only tapped for about 20 seconds max and the feeling of collapse TOTALLY went. I stood there, strong, legs no longer like jelly, feeling completely restored. The only physical change was that I was covered in a cold sweat that I can only put down to a physiological response that repelled the physical and emotional toxins. I got a glass of water and was as right as rain.

I described the incident later to a friend who said it sounded very much like the anaphylactic shock she experienced through severe food poisoning. I still have no idea what prompted it though there were many stressors at the time with serious family illness and maybe my psyche was at the breaking point? Whatever the cause, I proved conclusively to myself the benefit of using EFT for immediate first aid.



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