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Smoking urge subsides after EFT collapses a betrayal issue

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

It often requires several EFT sessions to properly address a smoking addiction. This is because there are often many unresolved emotional issues that must be alleviated before clients no longer need to tranquilize themselves with tobacco. Sometimes, however, we can get the job done by collapsing just one major emotional issue. Such is the case in this well-presented article by Pat Farrell

By Pat Farrell

Hi Gary:

Even as a Hypnotherapist, I had avoided stop smoking sessions because I knew they could be tricky. With EFT I have absolutely no trepidation about working with those who really want to quit (not for their doctor or their wives). A woman came to me to quit smoking on a referral from another client who had quit smoking in one session. She related that she had quit many times, sometimes for up to a year, but kept going back.

After I made sure that she really wanted to quit, I asked her when was the most recent time that she started smoking again. Her eyes welled up and she said, "In February, around my anniversary." She then told me that she had been separated for 3 years and her divorce had been final for about a year. "Every February is hard."

In this case her husband had left her and she had been blindsided by it, never suspecting his affair with a younger woman. Since she was in such emotional turmoil, I followed that lead and worked on her feelings of sadness (9) and betrayal (10). We did one round of tapping on the sadness and betrayal, combining them both at the same time.

Her numbers went down slightly. I then asked her what her relationship with her father had been. She told me that he had left when she was 2 and she had never seen him again. She and her sister had made plans to see him for really the first time when they got a call that he had died. She felt sad and betrayed that he had died before they had gotten the chance to meet him.

Even though I really feel betrayed that my father died before I could meet him...

Even though it makes me sad that he left when I was 2 and I never got to know him...

Even though he left and never came back again...

We tapped on these issues until the sadness and betrayal were gone. I then asked her to allow her body to give her a number that represented the sadness and betrayal she still felt about her husband having left for another woman and it was down to a 2 & 5 = respectively.

Then we started tapping on "Even though I have this fear that my husband is going to betray my children and not see them again..." and she got visibly upset. We had hit it. We tapped through all of the emotion and fear in that and she said that she could breathe much better. We also tapped on forgiveness of her not being good enough, not pretty enough, not young enough. We tapped on guilt that it was her fault that her husband left because she wasn't young enough or pretty enough. (She is absolutely gorgeous).

I then asked her what level the craving for a cigarette was in her body. She had already said that she had no desire for a cigarette. Then I asked her when she usually smoked. It was in the morning when she had coffee and at night after she had put the kids in bed. We tapped on the craving at both of those times and talked about other things she could do in that precious time that she had to herself. She determined that a semi- meditation would bring her much joy.

All in all, during the hour that she was with me, we only tapped directly on cigarette cravings a total of about 3 minutes. She left a happy non-smoker.


Pat Farrell

Two weeks later: I just now checked with her and she doesn't even want a cigarette. She did say that the first couple of days were rough but the friend that referred her told her it's just the nicotine working its way out. She told me that after a meal or some other times she'll think, "Oh, I'll go have a cigarette" and then remembers that she doesn't even want one. I suggested that she tap on "Even though sometimes I forget that I'm a non-smoker..." She says she's doing great.

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