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Other Physical Issues


Gentle EFT and "tapping in the positive" give hope to a heart patient

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

You will enjoy Betty Moore-Hafter's gentle session with her client. Notice how she introduces the phrase, "...and it's time for healing now."

Hugs, Gary

By Betty Moore-Hafter

Dear Gary,

I just had to tell you about a session I did today which was so gentle and yet had such healing effects.  One of my clients has been in and out of the hospital with heart trouble and it has finally been determined that she needs an operation to repair some damage to the heart valves from childhood rheumatic fever.  But she can't undergo the operation until she is stronger.  She has been weak, depleted and exhausted and can't seem to get better.  And, of course, she's been very worried and scared and unable to sleep because of her anxiety.

I did a house call because she's too weak to get out.  After we talked and I understood what she needed, I told her that she didn't have to do a thing, I would just tap on her. She didn't even have to repeat the words, she could just let the words sink in.


With each round, I tapped for the problem and then went through the points again, "tapping in" the desired healing result.  I used as a theme a very gentle affirmation, "It's time for healing now." Here's how we started:  Even though I'm depleted and exhausted, I deeply love and accept myself ... and it's time for healing now.

After that setup, I tapped all the points:  Physically exhausted … mentally exhausted … emotionally exhausted and depleted ... completely depleted ... I'm so exhausted ... etc."

Then I returned to the Karate Chop spot and tapped in the affirmation, "But it's time for healing now," and then continued through all the points again: “It's time for healing now ... restoring my energy ... it's time for healing now ... replenishing ... it's time for healing now ... getting stronger every day ... it's time for healing now ... restoring, replenishing, etc."

After one round of tapping, she said she felt more relaxed than she had in weeks.  I continued, tapping for things she had said as we talked.  One thing I like to do is take notes in the beginning and then refer to the client's own words.  Here are some examples:


Set-up:  Even though I've been worried to death, afraid I'll never get better ... I deeply accept myself... and it's time for healing now... my strength is returning and I am feeling better ... I have hope now.

Tapping for the negative: Worried to death, afraid I'll never get better.

Tapping in the positive:It's time for healing now ... my strength is returning ... I am feeling better ... I have hope now.


Set-up: Even though I can't sleep, too anxious, too scared ... I deeply love and accept myself ... and it's time for healing now ... restoring my natural ability to sleep restfully through the night.

Tapping for the negative: So anxious ... so scared ... can't sleep ... only sleep a couple of hours ... exhausted from lack of sleep.

Tapping in positive: But it's time for healing now ... restoring my ability to sleep ... feeling calmer ... knowing I'm getting stronger.


After I had tapped on her for 40 minutes, talking together between rounds, she looked so peaceful!  She said that she had not felt that calm in months.  I'm sure that "tapping in the positive" was an important part of this, because she said she had hope again - so important - and really believed that she would gain strength and be ready for the surgery before it was too late.

A funny detail: there was a parakeet in the room who was chattering away at the beginning of the session.  My client said that with other house calls he has chattered the whole time.  But soon after I started the soothing, gentle tapping, he became completely quiet.  I think the EFT calmed the bird!


I often make guided EFT CDs for clients to listen to and tap along, and people love their recordings.  They can physically tap or just let my words tap on them virtually - as we know - just imagining the tapping works too.  When I took my client's CD to her the next day, she was beaming.  She had slept for 5 uninterrupted hours that night, for the first time in months!  She is feeling hopeful.  And now that she has hope again, I believe that she will get stronger and be able to have the life-giving surgery she needs.

Betty Moore-Hafter


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