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Fears And Phobias


Lainy Wells' first EFT test--spiders

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

At the recent Las Vegas conference I was pleased to learn that about 10% of the attendees were non-therapists who were there to enhance their understanding of how to use these procedures on themselves. There is an impressive self help feature to just about all of the energy therapies and many therapists routinely give their clients' "tapping homework" to do between sessions.

Lainy Wells was one of those dedicated non-therapists who is a walking testimonial for the value of responsibly applying these procedures to oneself. She describes below her experience with EFT and a former spider phobia.

Hugs, Gary

by Lainy Wells

Dear Gary,

It was good to speak with you last Saturday. Thanks for the encouragement to share some of my stories as a LAY PERSON. I have quite a few, but my first experience was with a spider phobia. It was an effective way to demonstrate the effectiveness to myself which encouraged me to try it on many other areas.

In February of 1998 I ordered your tapes. I had become interested in the "tapping" phenomenon when I witnessed a friend's grief therapy following the horrible tragedy of having killed a 14 year old girl in a car accident.

While watching the tapes, I accepted the invitation to tap along with the demonstration on whatever I chose to address. I thought tapping on spiders would be interesting. I had already done a great deal of work to reduce the size of my phobia but knew there was more to do. They still gave me the creeps. If I found one upon opening a cupboard I would be startled. If my husband was around I'd have him "remove" the spider for me. During certain times of the year I would leave the house with a broom in hand making swinging motions in the air as I went down the front stairs to swish their webs away (just in case there were any.) I always felt "surprised" to see them, anywhere. I actually felt like they were being deliberately sneaky just so they could upset me. Yes Gary, I know, interesting writing on my walls.

So, I tapped on spiders while I watched the tape learning about EFT.

The next day I walked down the sidewalk going to my office. I became aware of myself bending over, saying - as I watched a black spider crawling kitty corner across the walkway - "Well, where are you going you cute little feller?" I stood up and had to laugh. Never in my life had I had any curiosity about any spider and "cute" certainly wasn't ever a word I would have used to describe them!

That was almost a year and a half ago. Now, as Dr. Callahan and Gary remind us, tapping doesn't make us stupid, so I don't play with spiders. I do however have a few daddy long legs with whom I cohabit. One lives in my cookware cupboard, another in my bathroom, another right where I grab the garage door to push it open. I usually remember to be careful so I don't "startle" him!

After that first success I went on to many more. This last April I attended the International Conference for Energy Therapy in Las Vegas learning some additional techniques. I continue to use the methods by myself on a daily basis and in "peer sessions" at least once a week with two of my friends who are also "tappers." We're diligently going after all kinds of "problems," getting lighter and clearer and more loving by leaps and bounds.

Lainy Wells


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