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Pain Management

Two year belly pain (emotionally caused) - gone in half an hour

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Watch how Gabriele Schmidt from Germany uncovers emotional reasons for her client's strong stomach cramps ... all this done over the telephone. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Gabriele Schmidt

Dear Gary,

Here is a story about a belly pain that lasted over two years, gone in a bit more than half an hour.

Last week I had a telephone call from a lady who suffers from belly ache and pain in her spine since two years and she asked me for help. Any medical treatment doesn't work for her and the doctors don't find anything which could cause the strong cramps in her belly. I asked her the normal opening question: "What emotion or pain is the strongest at this moment?"

She answered, the pain makes her feel very helpless. The pain was at 6 and the helplessness at 8.

We tapped: "Even if I am feeling so helpless, I am a wonderful, healthy woman."

After one round the pain was a slight tearing around her navel (even though we didn't tap for thatpain directly) and her helpnessness was at 4. Another round with the emphasis on the pain and both things were gone. (I cannot tell you, why I choose to tap the pain here and not the bigger feeling of helplessness, it was one of those things intuition tells me and I follow and very often it is really the right door!)

She couldn't believe what happened. We tapped one round: "Even if I cannot believe what's going on with me, because I had labored so long with this, I am a healthy and lovely woman."

The feeling around the navel was gone, the helplessness too, and as ever I asked her, what is left? She walked around a bit and said: "Well, there is a pain in my back. It's about a 5."

"What quality does this pain have?"

"It's a sort or steel wheel around my waist, which presses me together."

We tapped for this "steel wheel feeling" and it comes down to a 3. Another round does not change much. Now it was time for the "dive into the depths"- question:

"What comes into your mind, when you are having this pain?"

She held her breath for a moment and suddenly starts crying and told me under tears: "My father has had those pain for years, and he died in a car accident two years ago and I don't know, if he committed suicide, because he couldn't stand this any longer."

"What feelings are coming up with this?"

"I fear, I have to go through the same pain as my father and I fear I will end like my father." This was Level 9.

We tapped: "Even if I have this big fear in my belly that I will die like my father, I am a good Girl and okay as I am."

One round brought her to level 3 and we did another round: "Even if I fear, I have to carry his pain, too, I decide I help my father the best, if he can see that I am happy and healthy and let go from all the pain!"

This was really a break through! She sounded totally different, agitated and warm, no longer depressed and painful. She told me, she cold feel a warm stream flowing through her entire body and her back and her belly feels relaxed and unusually light.

I asked her about her father's accident and there was a bit of the belly pain coming up again. She said, that she missed him a lot and I put in: "Is the belly pain a sort of connection to your father? If you get totally rid of it, does it cut off the connection to your father in your mind?"

She was surprised by the thought, but she agreed: "Yes, but I was totally unconscious of it, until now!"

We tapped: "Even if I have the fear to lose the last connection to my father when I get rid of the pain, I decide to trust into the heart connection between us."

After this round of tapping she felt calm and steady, and she could feel the truth of the heartfelt connection to her father. The belly pain was gone too.

To prove the result, I asked her, to imagine the accident again and now she was very clear, that it was really an accident and not a suicide. This gave her another relief.

The whole procedere takes a bit more than half an hour on the telephone - she in Germany and me in Mallorca - and with a very lovely result!

With warmest regards,


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