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Mom uses EFT to improve ski performance

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Marian Slaman from Canada found herself intimidated on a high speed ski slope. So she used EFT while on the chair lift to help her stay relaxed and maintain control on the subsequent ski run. Each successive "EFT session on the chair lift" resulted in improved performance.

By Marian Slaman


The Ski season is upon us once again here in Toronto. I am not an avid skier but I do enjoy a few days on the slopes each year. I began skiing in High school and continued through University skiing a few times each year. A busy career, changing lifestyles and motherhood created a hiatus in my skiing.

When my son was seven I dusted off my rusty ski legs and donned the slopes once again. Over the last few years, I have gone from teaching him how to ski to having to keep up with him on the slopes.

Last year while skiing I began skiing up the walls of the half pipe, and taking in more jumps in the terrain park. In both cases I was somewhat (to put it mildly) intimidated by my environment, particularly in the half pipe where the speeds quickly increase. I am very conscious that in skiing particularly at increasing speeds it is important to stay relaxed, and in the moment so that one can take the jumps and turns one wants to while being able to stay connected to the snow, the hill, & ever changing conditions as one proceeds down the hill. If one tenses up too much there is an increased chance of making a mistake and thus falling and injuring the body. Terrain park skiing is not for the faint of heart. As I came out of the half pipe and was present to my fear, I realized that at my fingertips I had a solution.

I wanted to reduce my fear of going fast and reduce the tension level. I completed my run and on my next chair lift ride up (in Ontario the runs are short) I tapped on issues related to staying in control, staying relaxed, being comfortable with faster speeds and the like.

On the next run down, I noticed an immediate improvement. With each successive run, I continued to tap a bit on the lift while ascending the hill and continued to reach increasing levels of comfort while descending. I was able to ski at increasing speeds, while achieving tricks that are more complex with a feeling of comfort and control. With this I know that my skiing abilities can now improve at an increasing rate.

Sample Phrases used...

Even though I get scared when I go fast ....

Even though I am not use to skiing this fast... I choose to remain comfortable at this speed...

Even though I haven't done this before ...

Even though it is hard to go slow in the half pile...

Even though I have never skied up walls before...

Even though I am not use to horizontal skiing... Even though there isn't much room for slowing down .... Even though I haven't done jumps this high before... Even though I feel as I am too old for this... Even though I feel as I have to keep learning ... Even though I feel I have to keep pace with my son .... Even though I am afraid I will loose control, fall and hurt myself ... (two rounds - one on 'loose control', 'loose control', one on 'fall and hurt myself', 'fall and hurt myself'...)

I choose to ski relaxed

I choose to ski in control

Even though my fears are taking me out of the present .... I choose to stay in the moment

My 12-year-old son tasted snow boarding last year and has converted, he is now anxious to trade in his skis for a snowboard. I promised him I would try out snow boarding when we go and a date has been set. I intend to bring along my EFT as I begin this new experience.

Marian Slaman BA
Performance Consultant


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