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Pain Management

A "one point wonder" on pain & a question on morning sickness

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Glenn Turner, a newcomer to EFT from Australia, poses two interesting questions.

Hugs, Gary

by Glenn Turner

Hi Gary,

Well, its been one month since I was introduced to EFT, and I am still coming to terms with this amazing technique and how effective it is on "everything".

I had an interesting experience with a patient last week that I would like some feedback on, please. This woman complained of a very sore shoulder/scapula pain that she had been suffering with for 6 weeks. In that time she had received numerous osteopathic and acupuncture treatments getting some relief. By her estimation, the pain hovered between a 4 and an 8, once getting to 10, but never below 4 in the 6 weeks she had it.

First thing I do is have the patient say, "I want to get over this shoulder pain (or whatever) now" and muscle test. In this woman's case she was weak, so I tapped SI3 and got her to say "even though I have this shoulder pain etc". I don't know why I checked her pain after this ??? but I did, and it was gone completely. No tapping was required. I just corrected the psychological reversal and it went. I don't know if this is "normal" or common, but for me this was quite a revelation as to why people can be getting expert treatment of one kind or another and still not get better or get almost better but then just stall for no good reason. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

GC COMMENT: I've seen this "one point wonder" before and even experienced it myself. Doesn't happen very often, though. Sometimes just tapping one point does the job. That may have happened here. The Basic Recipe, as you recall, it designed to be a highly effective "end run around diagnosis." It taps on numerous points with the idea that the proper point(s) will be tapped in the process. Works marvelously. However, we are just beginning here and don't have concrete answers for many questions. Science is just now getting started on all this and it will be years before those slowly turning wheels will provide us answers. In the meantime, we can continue to compare notes and improve our methods.

GLENN CONTINUES: Also do you see any problems with EFT in pregnancy. I did a tapping session on the phone with a woman who had 10/10 nausea/morning sickness for about 4 weeks into her first trimester. 2 minutes of tapping had her nausea down to 0 and in the week since that first treatment, she has tapped twice for one or two rounds and gotten instant and total relief. But some fear came up for her that she was affecting the baby in some way, which we tapped away, but it got me wondering. Any ideas??

GC RESPONSE: I have a difficulty time imagining how relieving the mother's nausea could be harming her baby. Mothers, quite naturally, are cautious about their baby's health and something strange appearing like EFT could certainly bring up unnecessary caution. However, I don't lay claim to being a physician or an acupuncturist and thus won't be giving you or anyone else a green light. It is not for me to give. Consult physicians or other qualified people if you are in doubt.

GLENN CONTINUES: It's great to have this place to write and read about these techniques and how people are using them all over the world and in so many different areas. Its nice to have a place to come and "brag" about my successes with people who actually know what you are talking about, as most of the people think I am crazy doing this weird tapping thing. I am constantly running into the apex problem, don't know if I should laugh or cry about this phenomenon. It always brings a smile to my face when the rounds are done and you ask them to go find their pain emotion, anxiety etc. and they look into space blankly unable to figure out what exactly has happened. I'm trying to think of some clever name for that "look." Anyway, thanks again for this wonderful forum of viewpoints and this quite amazing technique.


Glenn Turner

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