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EFT for babies

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Read this article by Deborah Miller, PhD from Mexico for ideas on how EFT can be beneficial to both mother and baby.

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, EFT-CC


I worked with Kathleen (not her real name) throughout her pregnancy, the birth of her daughter and now with her and her daughter.  There have been many examples of how EFT is beneficial to both mother and child. Here are a couple examples with Kathleen and her daughter and one about another baby and mother.



Adjusting Newborns’ Sleeping Patterns with EFT

Kathleen’s newborn baby was sleeping beautifully during the day, but waking during the night.  For a new mom this can be difficult.  We decided to do EFT for her with the intention of shifting her sleeping pattern.  We started tapping that she would adjust quickly and easily to sleeping at night. We tapped on her increasing her 2 hour sleeping time to 3 hours within a few days, then to 4 hours within a few weeks.  We tapped that she was doing so to get into rhythm with her mom, so her mom would feel refreshed and take care of her better.  Because it is the normal sleeping pattern for most adults, as she grew she could go for longer periods of time without feeding and still know that there was always enough milk and mommy was always there for her.

Her sleeping patterns did switch quite quickly.  They shifted to one wake-up feeding at night giving Kathleen a fairly good amount of rest each night without multiple disturbances.  It helped them both create a lovely rhythm. 

EFT helps Baby with Gas and Indigestion

When Kathleen’s daughter was about 3 weeks old, she would be upset because she needed to burp or pass gas but couldn’t.  She was restless, uncomfortable and somewhat colicky.  We tapped for her.  I said things like: my body knows how to make the enzymes it needs to digest my food better; I know how to pass gas, in either direction.  I know how to drink milk without sucking in so much air so I have less gas, there is no rush because there is always enough milk.  I digest everything with ease, and so on.  From then on she has been very good at passing gas, little to no stomach problems and a great eater.

EFT clears Gas, Indigestion, and Fear

Another friend’s baby was colicky.  At two weeks he had parasites.  He was given meds to take care of it, but they upset his stomach.  He was also very afraid.  He only wanted to be with his mother.  He would cry when anyone else held him.  By the way, he was a C-section baby.

When I worked with him he was 7 weeks old.  The baby was lying on the bed, his mother and I sat on the edge of it, while I tapped.  I did basically the same as with my friend’s daughter.  He can digest well.  He doesn’t have to have parasites.  He knows how to pass gas.  His body makes the enzymes he needs to digest well.  He is loved.  He can be calm.  He is safe no matter who has him.  His parents love him. And more.

The mother told me that by midday the next day, her son was able to pass gas, was calm, and from then on started going to other people without being afraid.

EFT clears Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) in Mother and Child

Kathleen called me one evening concerned because earlier that day her daughter had the beginning signs of conjunctivitis.  She was almost 2 months old at the time.

Kathleen noticed some dry gunk in her daughter’s eye, later it got red, and started watering.  She tapped for her during the day and it did improve but didn’t disappear so she asked me for some help.  We did surrogate tapping together for the child over the phone on the typical symptoms of conjunctivitis.  It did appear to get better.

Since Kathleen has had bouts of conjunctivitis and was feeling terrible that she may be passing this to her daughter.  In fact she had had a bout of conjunctivitis 2 weeks prior.  I asked Kathleen what was going on for her that she didn’t want to see.

She was frustrated and angry with the child’s father, and how she felt about the situation.  She was resistant to talking to him about it.  Essentially, there were things she didn’t want to see about her partner.  After we tapped through her issues about it, she looked back at her daughter and to our delight her eye was better.  

We continued to tap but this time about finding solutions.  We tapped that she has clarity and receive clear signs.  About 5 minutes after we tapped for clear signs, her partner showed up.  We ended the tapping session, and she was able to explain “clearly” her position to her partner.  By morning her daughter’s conjunctivitis was gone.

If you are working with children pay attention to the child’s symptoms and/or issues.  Also pay attention to the circumstances around them.  This may include issues the parents have.

Deborah Miller, PhD


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