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Headaches & Migraines

Several brief descriptions of rapid headache relief

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

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Monster headache resolved while driving

I've used EFT to remove headaches a number of times, and found it very straightforward and effective. My most impressive example was this: After a hectic end-of-vacation morning, packing car and preparing kids for trip back home, I finally got everyone into the car, yelling our goodbyes, pulling away, when I realized I was heading into one of my (blessedly rare but too-familiar) "monster headaches". Envisaging four hours of driving with something very close to a migraine was a blood-curdling thought! So I quickly started tapping -- carefully, while I drove! -- within a few rounds, the headache had completely vanished, and didn't return.

Hallelujah! :-)

Shannon Nelson

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Resolving the emotional origins of headaches

A woman came to me with terrible headaches, migraines lasting for days. After some trial and error I discovered that the origin of these headaches was some unresolved memories regarding her mother's critical looks. They were intrusive, full of criticism, no compassion. We worked basically with EFT to resolve these looks and, once successful, the headaches faded immediately.

Sonia Novinsky, PhD

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Pollution headache vanishes

I get bad headaches (or should I say "used to") from pollution, especially exhaust fumes. I attended a one-day workshop close to San Francisco airport and got a throbbing headache from all the fumes.

I was in the process of studying your video set"Steps toward becoming the Ultimate Therapist", and watched one of the videos that evening. I tapped for my headache, along with one of the presenters on the video, knowing, in my great wisdom, that some silly tapping would not take away a serious pollution headache that usually lasted 2-3 days. Lo and behold, when the video was over, I realized that my headache was gone. I can now pump gas with no problem, and, although I don't enjoy pollution and exhaust fumes, it does not create the throbbing headaches that bothered me so much. If I get the slightest hint of discomfort, I tap... in humility.

Danielle Duperret ND/PhD

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Rapid relief for a 32 year old veteran's permanent headache

I recently worked with a 32 year old man who had seen service in Iraq. We met by chance at a mutual friend's house. The subject of EFT arose and he expressed an interest. He had a headache at the time so I suggested that rather than explain the technique, I would demonstrate it, using his headache as the focus.

He said the headache was more or less permanent and scored it at a 7. We did a round of EFT, using the karate chop point during the Setup and it moved from a pain at the top of his head to heavy pressure behind his eyes. This he scored at an 8. We lowered this to a 5 and then it moved to the back of his head, score still 5. Another round and it moved to his neck, still a 5. We did two more rounds and it was zero and he started to open up about his war experiences. From there we collapsed many of his war memories so that he now sleeps without nightmares. But that's another story.

Jean Faithful

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20 minute EFT session for anger and stressr elieves 18 month headache problem

My client, "Pam" had been suffering from headache pain almost daily for the previous 18 months. Her current headache had lasted 5 days and caused her to go to the hospital emergency room where she waited for several hours. She was sent home without any relief. Her son then called me and asked if I could see her.

She came to our office at 10:00 am on Monday. After some discussion, I found emotional reasons for her headache (anger and stress). We applied EFT to these two causes and she left about 20 minutes later completely headache free...and has remained so for the past 6 months.

John Russo

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Reducing disabling headaches

I've suffered Migraine Headaches for more or less the last 10 years, which frequently disabled me at work, sports, etc. At it's peak, I've had 3-4 mild to severe headaches per weak. A mild headache (5-7 on a 0-10 intensity scale) does not really get relief with ordinary pain relievers like Apranax but does not totally disable either. I can work with %40-50 efficiency if I have to. And a severe one (8-10) disables me to do anything other than lie down in a quiet and dark room, and rest (hopefully sleep) till next morning.

When I've learned EFT about 4 months ago, I first applied it to Migraine Headaches. And, at first, only for the obvious pain. It's first effect have been to reduce the severity of the headache about 1-2 points (which is great, it turns a severe headache to a mild one and a mild one to a light pain).

However, then I've noticed there are many aspects to the migraines emotionally and I have been working my way through those with even better results.

Ozer Tayiz

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2 day migraine headache--gone in 5 minutes

One day a fellow worker mentioned that she had a terrible headache, that she called a migraine. She said she'd had it for two days and it wasn't showing any signs of letting up. I offered to help, saying I didn't know if it would work, but it was worth a try.

We went outside and sat at a table near a koi pond while I showed her the technique. In 2 rounds of the short method, the headache was gone. It took us less the 5 minutes.

I used a Setup statement something like: "Even though I have this terrible/excruciating headache...."

And the second round was"still have some of this terrible headache."

After that she said it was gone and I never heard anymore about it.


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Headache and insomnia relief in one session

I get several headaches a week ranging mostly from computer headaches to tension headaches plus allergy headaches mainly from eating too much chocolate. Rarely do I get migraines although the tension ones can be quite severe.

I will notice a headache coming on before I go to bed. By morning, it is so bad (and this is after taking Tylenol the night before) that I can hardly stand it. It will not go away until I eat breakfast so that I have something in my stomach and can take something with caffeine in it. And they may last for the entire day although medication will cut the pain so I can at least live with it.

Long story short, I bit the bullet and bought your videos which I can hardly stop from watching. I noticed a few things I wasn't doing from just reading books on EFT.

Last night I was starting to come down with a bad headache from spending too much time on the computer--so did the tapping. The headache was almost gone when I noticed neck and shoulder pain. Tapped for that and I could just feel it melting away. Then noticed stomach pain, tapped for that and then tapped for my headache again plus for insomnia which I've had quite a problem with for about 1-1/2 weeks now. I slept like a baby last night and woke up completely headache free.

Now I can't wait to start on some of my other problems. I have a long list!

With much gratefulness for your techniques and getting it out to the public.

Donna Mays

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Migraine released in 2 minutes

I was helping a client with hypnotherapy on some anger issues when she came out of the trance saying," I can't do this". Asking her what was the matter; she responded,"I 've got a splitting headache".

I remember her saying previously that she was a long-time sufferer of migraines. I asked," You mean like a migraine? How severe on a scale of 0 to 10?"It was a 10.

I walked her through the EFT steps and wording. In one round it was down to a 6. After the next round, she was wide-eyed. She looked at me, then at her present boyfriend sitting next to me, then back at me saying," I don't f***ing believe it". Her migraine was 100% released within 2 minutes.

Brian Walsh

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The headache shifted locations and then disappeared

One day in July I developed a severe headache over lunch with a friend. In fact, I wasn't feeling a hundred percent as we left to go out, and I asked her if she'd mind driving. Over the next hour or so the head pain became debilitating.

When my friend dropped me off at home she asked if I'd like her to try a new technique she'd learned. Frankly, I just wanted to go into a dark room and lie down, but was prepared to give it a go.

She asked me to tune into the pain in my head while she tapped on me, saying the pain would probably shift. She left, saying I could continue the tapping myself until it was completely gone, if I wanted to. I did this, and was amazed when the pain shifted from one part of my head to another and then seemed to move down to my hip. Then it disappeared.

I don't recall how long it took, but I was fascinated by this totally weird technique. I knew nothing about energy medicine at the time.

Teresa Sutton

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