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Using EFT to successfully trade the markets (e.g. stock market)

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here is a fascinating report about EFT's possibilities in trading "the markets" (stock market, commodities market, etc.) Before starting EFT, my occupation revolved around the stock market and thus I am quite aware of the potential rewards if one can "free their mind" and be "in tune with the markets."

Along these lines, Steve Wells provides us with the experience of his client "James" with Australia's "share markets." Please note how many negative emotions and beliefs were handled by EFT before the financial success really unfolded.

Hugs, Gary

PS: Please note that nothing herein should be considered financial advice.

By Steve Wells and James

Hi Gary,

I am very pleased to send you this post from one of my clients "James" which outlines how he has used EFT to achieve massive success in the share market. What makes sending this even more pleasing for me is that James is married to Kathy whose experiences in using EFT to re-make her life were outlined in a post I sent previously (See: ). Kathy and James have had a beautiful little boy together and are truly living their dream; their very own version of success. And a large part of that success has come about due to the considerable work they have done both separately and together using EFT.

After our first four sessions together where we addressed business and life issues, James wrote to tell me of his success by relating it to his tax bill:

"...EFT has created a massive problem for me.... in the space of a few weeks I have created a tax bill that I thought would take me years...

By de-energising (rather than conceptualising) my accumulated self-sabotages I have allowed my unconscious competence to come to the fore and the abundance that this has created in my life is awesome.

EFT has allowed me to take my trading skills to an elite level. And best of all, I am having a ball in all areas of my life.

Thank you and I hope the ATO [Australian Tax Office] appreciates that you are increasing their revenue streams,


James and I continued to work together using EFT, and recently, we discussed the success he was having and his desire to share what has worked for him with others. The result is the following post on EFT and the Markets, which outlines how James has used EFT to bolster and boost his trading success. Those who are interested in share trading, and financial success generally, will find some of the things that James has to say extremely exciting, as within this article are the keys to achieving whatever your heart desires.

Best wishes,

Steve Wells


Here is the post by James:

University was great fun for me. The thought of my endless freedom being replaced by a job didn't appeal to me. So I decided at the age of 21 to retire before I was 34. I chose 34 as that was the number of my favourite basketballer - Charles Barkley. Charles was a maverick to me, someone who defied the odds and loved the game his own way.

I was 29 when I retired from Engineering. No one believed that my investments would allow me to never have to work again. Most were convinced I had another engineering job lined up. Not so. My new goal was financial abundance, which I wanted to achieve through trading in the markets. (note: investing is about holding your investment for years, trading is about holding it for hours-days-weeks).

I only had one thing on my to do list: "update business plan". Normally I was happy to do this every few months, but it hadn't happened for about 9 months. I complained to my wife, and she said to go & see Steve. I had seen EFT work wonders with my wife, so off I went.

Steve: "Why do you have to do a business plan?"

Me: "Because all the good books say so, my trading coach says it's key ... I have to. I'm going to be a dad in 6 months and I have to do it now - or I never will"

Steve: "lets tap on that..."

And so my life changed forever. We began to work on a number of my issues:

1. Perfectionism

2. Letting go

3. Shoulds & have to's

4. Self-acceptance.

I was aware of these issues through my long-term study of self-development and psychology. (I believe that success in the markets is 100% within yourself). But what I realised was that whilst I had conceptualized all my inner ughhs, I needed to de-energise them. So I went back over my life and tapped on all my hurtful memories. I found lots of residual "stuff" to de-energise.

I did a few more sessions with Steve, mostly on the "have to" and "letting go" parts of my psychobabble. I discussed with Steve that my tapping wasn't by the book, that I made it up as I went. He said: "tap on 'have to' ". But it was the way he said it, and all the things he didn't say that made the penny drop for me. I went home and tapped without inhibition - life's been so sweet since then.

My tapping (generally) goes something like this:

Rub on sore spot: "even though I feel ... I accept myself"

On any given tapping point, I tend to explore both ends of the spectrum. I also always say, "I fully and completely accept myself" before moving on from every tapping point, as it's peaceful for me.

eg: sore spot: even though I'm feeling really overwhelmed, I accept myself anyway.

eyebrow point: even though I'm the most overwhelmed person on the planet, I have to be the laziest person, everyone's holding me to my own super standards, and it's all bad ... I fully and completely accept myself.

Then depending on my thoughts / feelings, I may keep exploring the overwhelmed feeling or otherwise investigate myself

eg side of eye: even though I don't know what's really bugging me, because I have to know everything, all I really know is nothing; nothing else matters - I fully and completely accept myself anyway.

Sometimes I will just tap on spots that feel good, just saying I accept myself.

When I feel that my blocks are removed, I tap whilst visualizing what I want. Then when I get to the last tapping point, I take a long breath, summarize all my tapping and wish all the negativity away to the heavens. I usually use both arms to motion my psychobabble to the ethers. This nuance started when I found that tapping outside at night time was highly liberating for me. This act of sending off my ughh is the most important part of tapping for me. For me, it feels very neat and wholesome.

The accepted wisdom on trading is that you have to have rules - the more the better. Well, I have successfully traded shares, warrants (leaps), options, commodities and futures without rules. I rely on my inner integrity, a self-confidence to know when I'm taking on excessive risk in the markets. What I believe in is having key concepts - guide posts if you will. I really accepted this when my son was born, the miracle of nature made it clear to me that all my little safety nets of lists, shoulds, have to's, one-days and self-imposed rules were flippant at best.

In June I began adjusting to being a parent. In July I accepted that I couldn't save my dad from himself - and when I walked out of the court room, having just been granted a restraining order against my dad, I cried. How could I feel relieved, gutted and free at once? I sat in my car tapping and crying. It was the toughest thing I'd ever done. Suddenly everything made sense. My childhood wasn't much fun, and the constant criticism of my father who was always working had led me to where I am now. I thanked my father for that. I had learnt to change my life from within, my dad was still trying to get the world to see things his way. I drove away knowing that I'd made it. I finally and completely trusted myself. I then entered the most amazing life zone. Money from the markets was falling on my head eg, I made 400% on one account in three months from an hour a week. Not from one lucky trade, but from consistently being in tune with the markets - great trading is effortless, without struggle. And EFT wasn't just working for me in the markets. I would lose something and then find myself walking to it and picking it up unconsciously. My timing in life was uncanny - I was in the most splendid state of being. My inner self no longer took the world personally. I kept noticing one of the quotes stuck on my desk: "It is what it is".

So back to tapping, once I have the block cleared - I will tap on my favourite market concepts / quotes. I've found that it works a treat for me. So, after the above tapping - I might tap like this:

- I'm a great trader because I like to drink upstream from the herd.

- I love to cut my losers and add to my winning positions.

- I trust the markets; they always act in their own best interests.

- Trading is simple; I only need to observe the markets.

- I do more of what's working and less of what isn't.

All of the above works for me. ... I'm on track to achieve my goal of paying a million dollars in tax this financial year.

The markets are a boundaryless abstraction, where traditional models of success don't work. The financial industry thinks they have the markets all figured out, with all their fads, big words, herd mentality and elaborate explanations of why the market did this or that. Whenever I hear " the market went down because investors are taking profits " I smile because I know that if the markets could talk, they would never say that. As do a very small percentage of other market participants who make the vast majority of money in the markets. Why do so few make so much? I believe it is because they have found their true selves in the markets. And the best way to do that is to look within, it's all within. This is why EFT is the icing on my cake.


PS: I've overcome 8 years of clinical depression and about 30 years of anxiety and self-doubt. And, like Charles Barkley, the majority of people told me what I couldn't do. The 1% who supported me, are now my closest family and friends.


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