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A successful bedwetting case

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Dorothy Goudie from New Zealand was well coached in EFT by Rehana Webster. As a result she was able to get to some core anxiety issues for an 8 year old girl and resolve her bedwetting problem. Notice how EFT was not aimed directly at the bedwetting problem and how more aspects eventually showed up.

Hugs, Gary

By Dorothy Goudie

I was asked by a family member if it was possible to tap for bedwetting. I didn’t know but, as Gary is always saying, "Just try it." I checked with my Coach Rehana Webster and she said just to chat around with the child and see what comes up. So that is what I did.

Miss 8 years old has recently started at a new school and has many fears when it comes to new experiences. Our first chat consisted of what was happening in her day, how she was getting on with her new classmates, new teacher and generally how she was managing.

It came up that for the first time she was having mental arithmetic, this made her very anxious as she felt unable to remember the answers quickly enough, especially her times (multiplication) tables.

I suggested that I could show her a neat way, maybe a little weird, but fun way to reduce her anxiety and maybe help her remember what she needed to know.

She liked that idea so I showed her the tapping points, and we Tapped...

  • Even though I hate math and can’t remember the answers quickly enough I really am a great kid.
  • Even though I don’t get too many right, I’m still a terrific kid.
  • Even though I can’t think when I have to answer quickly, what if I could know the answers ?

After this “What if”  question her eyes lit up, she said she did know the answers, just couldn’t say them quickly enough.

Well we tapped for her being able to answer quickly and several other things, like a boy harassing her, swimming lessons, and fights with sister.

No mention of the bedwetting. She didn’t bring it up and nor did I.

Two weeks later and her Mum said there had been no more bed wetting. Furthermore she had learned how to swim and could put her head under water and go the width of the school pool. A major breakthrough.

Two more weeks went by and the bedwetting started again. At first I thought it hadn’t worked but after another chat I discovered that it was an entirely different aspect.

Her first School camp was coming up and she had all sorts of fears about that, the biggest one was that some of the other kids had told her she had to cook her own meals.

There was also the fear of activities that she did not like to do at all, she is not an outdoors girl, doesn’t even like camping at all.

Well we tapped for everything I could think of that she was talking about, in fact most of the time I just tapped while she talked.

Last week, she phoned me to say she had been in the school swimming sports and had come in third in a race, very exciting. I also heard how she was looking forward to the camp, was working with a group of girls to prepare their first camp meal. Had the menu worked out and knew exactly what was going to happen. All the fear had been taken away and anticipation and excitement filled her.  Still no mention of bedwetting in any of our conversations.

And of course no more wet beds.

Thanks Rehana. I have really enjoyed your teaching.

Dorothy Goudie, New Zealand.

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