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Other Physical Issues


Using EFT for snoring and dairy allergies -- Introducing the

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here is a must read article by Lily Alexander. Study the "Because Game" and think about its versatility for finding core issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Lily Alexander

A client, George (not his real name), called me because his wife told him to have the Pillar Procedure (surgery) to make him stop snoring or she was getting a divorce.  Even with earplugs she couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a good night’s sleep.  George didn’t want the surgery because he doesn’t trust doctors (maybe another thing to work on?).  Could EFT help his snoring?  I said I’d had great success in the past, so why not give it a try.

As we know, EFT works best when we can work on the original trigger or traumatic event because that’s where the energy disruption occurred.  Often with lifelong conditions like snoring, the client can’t think of anything, including that originating event.  When we ask “what does this remind you of?” or “when did this begin?” – they’ve never yielded clear answers for me.  So, I play a simple game with them to root out possible aspects of the problem, and as we resolve them, we play it again until we get to the end.

It’s called the “because” game; it’s very simple and I haven’t yet met anyone young or old who’s unwilling to play.  There are a couple ways it can go, and it’s important to know that even if their answer is “I don’t know” you ask them “if you did know, then what would it be?”

For example, if someone had a headache, you could start him/her off with: “I have a headache because ______” and they might say “I’m angry.”  You would follow with “I’m angry because ______” and they might say “my boss is an idiot.”  You would continue until you found several good tapping subjects, aspects or events and then use them for your tapping rounds.  Then test, and if there’s still more to go, start the “because” game again.  I’ll give George’s example in a minute.

I said there’s a couple ways the “because” game can go.  The above example was the direct route.  In George’s case, (like many chronic or lifelong issues) we can go that way with “I snore because ______” to which you often get a quizzical reply of “I don’t know.”  Then you can respond with “if you did know, what would it be?”  This can be frustrating for some people, yet still yields useful information – go with it, if you don’t have any better ideas.

However, I decided to go the “indirect” route, by using things that perhaps he would “know” when we played the game.  For example, I could hear some congestion in George’s voice when he called and I had gathered a little background information, such as: he is quite overweight; his wife is very angry and wanting to divorce him over the snoring; he has snored all of his life; his parents snore too; and he’s feeling anxious at work.  So I used those details as the basis for my initial inquiry.  (You may need to explain the “indirect” approach to them or they’ll wonder why you’re asking about seemingly unrelated things.)

When I have a number of possibilities to work with (such as overweight, heredity, issues with his wife, and work anxiety), I usually take a few hypothetical statements and see which has more “truth” intensity and start there (this idea is based loosely on Lindsay Kenny’s “Ultimate Truth Statement”).  

In George’s case, the test statements were: I snore because it’s genetically the way my body is … I snore because I’m overweight … I snore because of my relationship problem … I snore because I’m anxious at work.  In this case, George rated the heredity statement as being the most true.

After a little probing about whether or not he could stop snoring (since it was genetic in his mind), we used EFT to clear various statements like...

Even though I have a genetic predisposition to snoring… (he’s a scientist…his words, not mine)

Even though everyone in my family snores and there’s nothing I can do about it…

Even though it’s hopeless and I can’t stop snoring…

Even though surgery is the only option…

Once we cleared those aspects, I asked him how true the “I snore because it’s genetically the way my body is.” It didn’t seem true to him anymore.

This was a short session and so before we ended, I told him to tap for 5 minutes each night before bed on:

Even though there’s nothing I can do about this snoring problem…

Even though I have this genetic predisposition to snoring…

Even though my wife doesn’t want me if I snore...

The next week, George reported that his wife said his snoring was better (not as loud and without the big snorts that were really jarring) but he was still snoring.  So then I tried the “because” game with him:

I snore because ______  and he said ... of my nose. 
My nose is snoring because _____ … it has to.
It has to snore because _____ … I’m tired.
I’m tired because ______ … of cheese.

I thought of allergies at that point and tested the assumption that he had a dairy allergy.  (I do muscle testing surrogately on myself.)

GC COMMENT: For those not skilled in muscle testing, just go with the assumption of the cheese allergy. If that doesn't work then keep on with the Because Game. A little persistence will usually take you where you need to go.

LILY CONTINUES: I did test whether or not it was specifically cheese only, but it wasn’t; this statement may have come out simply because he ate cheese quite a bit.  He was quite surprised, by both his answer and the allergy diagnosis, as this was a bit “far out” for him.  But he went with it nonetheless. So we worked through typical allergy treatment protocol for dairy using statements such as:

Even though I have this snoring reaction to dairy…

Even though I have this congestion from consuming dairy products…

Even though part of me thinks I shouldn’t eat dairy products…

Even though it may not be safe to let go of this reaction to dairy…

Even though there may have been something bad that happened in the past that I’ve associated with dairy products… (he couldn’t think of anything at the time)

Even though I may have a genetic problem with eating dairy products...”

In the end I sent him home with homework again, to tap for 5 minutes before bed:

Even though my nose and dairy products are making me snore…

Even though I have this genetic snoring and dairy problem…

I also asked him if he’d be willing to take a 3 to 7 day break from eating dairy (milk based) products, just to give his system a rest so it could “recalibrate.”  He said he’d try anything if he didn’t have to do the surgery.

He called the day before our next weekly appointment to cancel, as his wife said he hadn’t snored at all for the prior four nights.  I encouraged him to continue the 5 min tapping sequence if he could for another week and to let me know if he had any relapses.

When he hadn’t called, I decided to follow-up with him to see what happened (it’s been a few weeks now).  He said that he eats dairy as usual for him (although he did stop for a few days when I asked him to), but the congestion doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore (he had actually forgotten about that!)  He was also pleased to report that he no longer does the tapping and he is still sleeping well and quietly every night, and his wife seems happier too (perhaps because she’s sleeping now?).

Thanks to you Gary, and to all the other seen and unseen forces who have made this process what it is today!

Lily Alexander


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