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Covid Sufferer Gains Relief

"I opened my eyes feeling that utter JOY that comes when this energy touches soul."

Hi Gary,

I had an amazing experience that I wanted to share. A dear friend's hubby had been in ICU with Covid for nearly 2 months and was not getting better. He'd get his O2 requirements down only to lose ground and end up back-tracking. She was told to 'prepare the family'...

I decided to try The Universal healer (my tweak on the Unseen Therapist;) technique with a few twists. I saw myself with him in the hospital (I was 5,000 miles away) but he did NOT wish to speak with me. I sent him love. I tried two more times and he was adamant that he was NOT willing to even try to allow healing; he pushed me away. He was just terribly depressed, alone, and had lost hope.

I got a feeling to give it one more try and sent him a packet of love FIRST, a silver sparkly heart package of Divine Love--no strings, no expectations. I visualized standing next to him observing his body on oxygen in his hospital room. I sent him JOY. I opened up to the universal healer (Unseen Therapist), seeing it as a river of beautiful light swirling in BOTH of us, and started to laugh. He smiled. Then he started to laugh too. By the time this was done, we were laughing and jumping up and down like kids playing in a fountain on a hot day. I opened my eyes feeling that utter JOY that comes when this energy touches soul.

The very next day, a friend called and said my friend's hubby had suddenly opened his eyes and was recovering! She had no idea of any of this and I preferred to remain 'anonymous', as I do nothing--I am only a Conduit. But it confirmed how I saw him light up with LIFE again.

I realized that the utter isolation, loneliness and despair this horrible virus causes our loved ones is as much the culprit for their demise as the virus itself. The JOY of being alive is lost. Just a joyful reminder of all they have to live for and all those that love them is all the boost someone may need to turn the corner to recovery. Perhaps someone can 'tweak' this for their loved ones who are ill as well. Thought I would pass it on.

Love, Alea


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