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Spiritual Experiences

#1: Understanding time is an illusion.

Hi Everyone,

One of the concepts within Optimal EFT is that there is no time ... it is an illusion.  Throughout history, many people have written about "out of time" experiences but were, generally speaking, not taken seriously.  Here is another example from long time EFT'er "Lani" (name withheld for privacy reasons).  Do you believe it? Having had a spiritual experience myself , and thus being out of time, I find it quite plausible.

e-hugs, Gary

Strange Time Experience

In March of ’08 my husband and I took a short road trip. We had been looking for a farm property to buy and heard about one in a small town over an hour away from us and decided to go see it. It was slightly cloudy and looked like a spring shower or two might pop up. We were expecting friends over later that evening and planned to be back home around 4pm. 

We left our house at 11am. Our first stop in the small town was to our favorite BBQ place and we had a slow enjoyable meal. We then went to view the farm property. It was 160 acres, mostly pasture. We spent a good hour or so looking over the house, out buildings and land. Afterwards we drove the back roads for about another hour until it started to get a little stormy with some mild lightning. 

Going home we took different route that would take us through another small town in our area. The distance between the two towns is about 30 miles. It is a rugged curvy road with big hills, marshland, rolling pastures and farmland. It is (was!) one of our favorite drives.

The storm had picked up steam and our small little pickup was feeling the breeze. As we approached the severe winding curves just outside of town ... something happened. We headed into the curve and passed a car. It felt like the pickup was lifted up and thrown down but it was like a flash. We knew something was wrong. My husband slowed down and pulled off on the side of the road. He got out to see what happened. I was shaking from head to toe and my whole right side felt like it had been crushed. My arm and leg were throbbing! 

He got back in and said the tire had a leak and was going flat. We were both dazed and didn’t say a word to each other as we drove into town. Since it was Sunday most businesses were closed. He pulled the truck into a covered area at a filling station to change the tire. It was raining with small hailstones tapping on the metal awning. The spare was flat so he decided we would stop at the Dollar Store and get a can of fix-a-flat to get us home. 

The clock downtown said 4pm by this time. He went into the store and was in there for what seemed an eternity. I was still shaking so hard and felt very emotional so I waited in the truck. I had an overwhelming sadness and fear engulf me. Endless cars came and went and he still didn’t come out. I didn’t have a watch on but after counting 13 cars that came and went from the store I was concerned. Just then out he came with the single can of fix-a-flat. When I asked why it took so long, he said it had only been a few minutes. It had been an eternity for me!

He put the fix-a-flat in the tire and we drove home. The storm was acting strange by this time and the tops of the trees were whirling. He drove slowly as we made our way out of town. We called our youngest son on the way home. We left a message of what had happened to the tire and told him we would call if we got stranded. We later learned he never received that call. The storm was moving away from us as we drove toward home. 

The real strangeness began when we arrived home and walked into our house. My husband asked me to check the time. We had guests coming and knew we were running late and needed to get the meal started. I looked at the clock and it was only 2pm. I told him the clock was off and the battery had probably died. He checked the clock in the other room and it said the same thing. The Cell phone, computer and the clock radio all said the same thing.…  2pm 

There is no way we could have driven 130 miles, had a leisurely lunch, look at a property, driven country roads for an hour, had a leaking tire, stopped at the store and driven home in 3 hours. We assumed it would be 5:30 or later when we arrived home. 

We checked all the clocks again and called a friend and two family members to check if that was correct and it was. Now we were really shook up! I looked at my husband and said, "are we dead?" He had the same thought. 

I am sure we were in a wreck. For days I was sure we were dead and even now when more strange things happen (which increased after the accident/incident) I still wonder if this is like the TV show, LOST and we are going to wake up and find it is time to leave!

That night at 2am I was jolted awake by a loud sound. Our bedroom was in the basement. I ran up stairs to the bathroom. When I got to the door I was ‘hit’ by a something and fell on the floor grabbing my stomach. My husband was laying on the floor and had passed out and hit his head on the tile. 

The door to the bedroom beside the bathroom was open. Outside the window at tree level was blue pulsing lights. I passed out for some short amount of time and when I woke up my injured husband was helping me up. He saw the lights too and has no memory of what happened when he passed out. 

The next day when he took the tire off to go have it fixed. It was split all the way around the circumference. There was no way it could have or should have held air. That event ushered in a major changes in our life. My husband who is a skeptic in all things strange believes we jumped into a different timeline. 

People we both remembered being dead were alive. Events we remembered had changed. It has been strange and surreal to say the least but I think it really helped us understand time is an illusion.