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A builder with psoriasis & little things

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Hi Everyone,

Silvia Hartmann-Kent just sent me these interesting accomplishments from the United Kingdom. The psoriasis healing, to me, is yet another piece of endless evidence of the link between our emotions and our physical ailments. Also, the accomplishments that Silvia calls "little things" may seem small--but I beg to differ. They point to greater clarity in thinking and this has major, major, major potential for inventors, corporate think tanks and students--just to name a few.

Don't be surprised if someday an entrepreneur will simply tap for generating creative ideas and sell those ideas to the business world for a million dollars each.

Hugs, Gary

by Silvia Kent

Hi Gary,

Here's one for the casebook:

I recently had the back of my house re-built, and one of the builders had something strange on his arms.

"What's that?" I asked whilst serving the thirteenth cup of tea of the afternoon (as is British custom).

"Oh," he said, "That's my psoriasis. Had it for years." and turned his arms around to show me. From the wrist to the shoulder, his skin was just a bubbling ocean of peeling skin and sore red stuff beneath.

"Coo, that must be painful? How did you get it?" I asked.

"Well I don't know," he replied, "I guess it started about three years ago, when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant."

I really had to fight hard not to laugh out loud, I mean, I've heard of men taking the good news as something of a shock, but this must have been real bad!

I suggested if he might like to try this new treatment I'd just learned about; he was very dubious seeing the doctor had told him "that there was nothing to be done."

"Ah, yes, " I said, "what he meant was, there's nothing to be done with pills, ointments and injections. Your mind created this and so only your mind can take it away again."

He nodded and I showed him EFT, just the basic round, no gamut, and told him to tap for "I want to get over my psoriasis" three times each, three times a day.

Well, it's been 2 weeks now and the skin has healed on both arms, right down to a small patch the size of a coin on his elbows. He has since been back for a guided session with me (in exchange for replacing my letter box free) and is now using EFT on his child and on lowering his every day worry and stress, as well as having used it to overcome a lower back pain that had troubled him for years.

And from the sublime to the small things:

I've recently used EFT personally for the following:

  • to solve a riddle set by Einstein: after half an hour's struggle, I tapped and the answer just flowed into my mind (a great kinesthetic sensation, actually, like cool water in my head!);
  • to overcome "my fear of FTP Voyager" and now I'm able to upload websites and update them without having to ask my son's help anymore. This was strange because before tapping the screen seemed to be filled with indecipherable nonsense, and afterwards there were just ordinary file icons and a status bar;
  • to cut ceramic floor tiles. Before EFT, I was breaking and shattering 5 or 6 tiles before I got one good cut; after tapping for "Even though I'm useless at tile cutting", somehow the cutter just flowed steadily across the tiles and they snapped cleanly. The only way I can explain that was that I must have somehow been overtense or shaky before the tapping which caused an irregular cut and thus the shattering when pressure was applied.

That might not sound so marvellous, but in each case it made me happy and helped me feel that there is much I can achieve now.

All the best,

Silvia Kent




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