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A Builder or a Wrecker?

A Builder or a Wrecker?

I passed one day through a lonely town,
and saw some man tearing a building down.
With a "heave" and "ho" and a husky yell,
they swung a beam and a side wall fell.

I asked the foreman "Are these men skilled?
The type you'd hire if you had to build?"
"Oh no" he chuckled, "oh no indeed,
the common laborer's all I need.

Why I can destroy in a day or two,
what builders have taken weeks to do."
I thought to myself as I walked away,
which of these roles have I tried to play.

Am I a builder, who works with care,
making his tools a ruler and square.
Shaping my peers to a well made plan,
helping them be the best they can.

Or am I a wrecker who walks around,
content with the labor of tearing down.

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