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Anaphylactic shock--"Before her eyes, the swelling began to go down."

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Hi Everyone,

Paul Cutright does much of his work by phone and conducts highly effective EFT Tele-Training classes. One of his trainees, Pamela, used EFT very successfully on anaphylactic shock. As you will see, this potentially fatal ailment subsided in minutes with no intervention other than EFT. The swelling visibly faded and the victim resumed his activities as if nothing happened.

We've had reports like this before. Bee stings and swollen dog paws, for example, have also faded right before one's eyes. Anaphylactic shock can be VERY serious and there is no suggestion herein that EFT should be the only method used. Indeed, whatever medical or other means that are available should be employed as well. We don't have enough experience yet to know how consistently we can expect these results.

Here's the story....

Hugs, Gary

by Paul Cutright

Dear Fellow EFTer's,

I want to share a story from someone I trained. Pamela was at an elegant dinner party recently when one of the guests began to go into anaphylactic shock. (Anaphylaxis - a sudden, severe allergic reaction characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, urticaria, and breathing difficulties that is caused by the injection of a foreign substance, such as a drug or bee venom, into the body after a preliminary or sensitizing injection. The reaction may be fatal if emergency treatment, including the administration of epinephrine injections, is not given immediately). Apparently, this person was unknowingly eating crab stuffed ravioli and was severely allergic to shellfish.

As his face and throat began to swell, the host jumped up to call 911. Pamela, thinking quickly, took the man into another room and began to immediately treat him with EFT. Before her eyes, the swelling in his face and neck began to go down and in just a few minutes he was returned to normal. He rejoined the dinner party and the 911 call was cancelled as all of his symptoms completely vanished. And all of this occurred within 10 minutes.

The gentleman almost went into the Apex effect when he said that he didn't think he had really eaten enough of the crab to have that severe of a reaction. But then, he looked over at Pamela and smiled at her and said, "Nah, it was the tapping!"

When I hear stories like this, and the one recently posted story about the fireman, I can't help but think how valuable it would be to have Emergency EFT Trauma Relief Teams to work not only with natural disasters and tragedies like the Columbine High School incident, but to also work with the firemen, policemen and emergency medical technicians who are regularly exposed to these kinds of painful and traumatic experiences.






Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist