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The Boy and the Worm

The Boy and the Worm

One time a little boy was playing in his backyard. In the grass he saw a worm. He watched the worm for a long time. Then he said, "What an ugly thing you are! You have no hair, no legs, and I don't think you have any eyes."

"That doesn't matter," said the worm. "All worms are like that. We get along fine."

"But do you know how to do anything?" said the boy. "The animals run about, the birds fly and sing. You cannot do any of these things."

"True," said the worm. I cannot do any of those things."

"I know how to do everything," said the boy. "I even know how to read and write."

"I do not need to know how to read and write," said the worm. "But, tell me, do you know how to live in the world all by yourself? Can you feed yourself and take care of yourself without the help of your parents?"

"No, but I am still very young" Said the boy.

"But I am much younger than you, and yet I can feed myself and take care of myself without any help. And besides, did you ever see a worm that could talk?"

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