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Greg Nicosia on tapping with intention

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Dr. Greg Nicosia reports success by "tapping" with his imagination or intention. I thought you would find his comments enlightening.

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by Dr. Greg Nicosia

Touching through intention is one of the skills that I teach in the Advanced Diagnostics seminar and this issue has been raised most recently in Denver by Harry Corsover's comment about treating the proverbial crying child on an airplane.

Many of us have done exactly that with remarkable success. I have also done the treatment by intention over the telephone on numerous occasions in the course of a consult to another clinician's patient. In the case of a patient, it would be unethical to treat them without first getting their permission to do so. In the case of the child on the plane, the situation is less clear. To my way of thinking, I am using my thought subject to the best and highest good of the child, not simply to stop the crying as it is possible that in some circumstance the crying might be adaptive or important to the survival of the child.

I am reminded here of a story told by Carolyn Myss that was told to her by a lady who was in a terrible auto accident and found herself having an out of body experience floating about the car wreck. She reports hearing a couple in another car lamenting the fact that now they would be late for their theater engagement and being upset that the car wreck in front of them was delaying them when suddenly she saw a beam of light beaming into the car where her motionless body lay. She looked back following the light and saw that it emanated from a car about 5 rows back and she wanted to see who was in that car. Suddenly she found herself next to a woman in that car who was praying for the people in the car wreck. Hearing a voice that told her that she must return to her body she balked saying that she wanted to see the license plate of the praying woman's car upon which she was viewing the car from behind and read the license plate. She awoke in the hospital days later and after an extended stay to recover from her severe injuries she located the address of the car owner through the license plate that she had remembered. She took the woman some flowers and thanked her for her prayer which she felt had helped to save her life.

Our thoughts are powerful and can be used for the highest good of another with great effect. I'd also point out that I saw a therapist newly introduced to the ThoughtWorks touching with intention method skeptically using his thought in a restaurant to cause people to repeatedly get up to urinate. It worked. He and his cohort were astounded by their experiment and brought me to their table to witness the continuing results of their experiment. Indeed, he was able to preselect someone and cause them to go to the restroom. Even the same person repeatedly! We then discussed the ethical issues of such an experiment and the fact that someone of malevolent intent would not be concerned with ethics. This entire field opens up many new unaddressed issues similar to those being raised by the new biotechnologies enabling cloning and the use of stem cells to create new lifeforms. I certainly do not have the answers but it seems reasonable to create a dialogue addressing these and other related issues.

I suppose that the next step will be to demonstrate that this method is replicable and effective for at the present I don't think an ethics board would consider you to have done more than wishful thinking. I am in the process of completing a book that will offer a scientific basis for the energy psychotherapies as well as touching with intention and hope that this will give the field a firmer ground upon which to stand. In the meantime, I'll continue to teach my form of diagnosis and treatment that leads to the development of the ability of touching through intention to the brave few who are of like mind and spirit.

Greg Nicosia, PhD




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