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Strange Laws - Part 2

Strange Laws - Part 2

Be careful, many of these laws are still on the books.

6. When in Nebraska , keep in mind not to spit against the wind because not only is it messy, it’s also illegal.

7. Eating out in Connecticut became so much more pleasant once the law requiring restaurateurs to provide separate nose-blowing and non-nose-blowing sections, went into effect.

8. And if you decide to order cherry pie while eating in Kansas , don't waste your time asking it to be served with a scoop of ice-cream on against the law.

9. In California , it’s against the law to peel an orange in your hotel room....I guess its ok to peel it in the hallway & then go into your room.

10. If you're planning to do any fishing while visiting Chicago , be sure you don't do it in your pajamas or you might spend the rest of your vacation in jail.

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