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Point of View

Point of View

I've heard it said it all depends,
Upon your point of view,
The happiness you get from life,
And how things look to you.
And the longer that I'm living,
I've really come to see,
That this is just a true a fact,
As anything could be.

If you always look for sorrow,
Then you'll have it seven-fold,
If you go in search of rainbows,
You will find a pot of gold.
If you have no time for dreaming,
The days are dark and grey,
But with a little bit of hope,
Your troubles slip away.

Don't waste your time in sighing,
When the world is full of song,
Don't live among the shadows,
That is not where you belong.
Lift your face and feel the sunlight,
Smell the flowers in the wood,
And be grateful you are living,
...And know that God is good.

Grace E. Easley

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