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You are so beautiful to me

You are so beautiful to me

By Gary Craig

Did you ever hear the song, "You are so beautiful to me"? It's a love song from a man to a woman, a lilting song--captivating--guaranteed to put you in a loving mood. I love that song and chose to sing parts of it as part of my keynote address at a past conference. It has a way of instilling peace. Nice.

Have you ever been in love? Good feeling, eh? Did you ever notice that when you are in love the object of your affection can do no wrong? Somehow s/he has no shortcomings and any aggravations or irritations that might normally be there have faded into nothingness. That's what love does. It sees beyond our petty stuff and casts its eyes on beauty.

Have you also noticed that when you are in love your own list of "woe is me's" fades as well? That's what happens when the barriers to love have been removed. Love, when we can call on it, is great therapy.

Is it possible that there's something better than being in love with one person? I suggest so. I think it is even grander to be in love....WITH THE WORLD. Wouldn't it be nice to have removed our barriers to love so that we see only the beauty in everyone? No need to single out one person. Just include them with everyone else and have a non-stop sense of love everywhere we turn. Why not? We all come from the same source.

Is this too idealistic? Too much to hope for? Can we really achieve a state where you, I and everyone are in love with each other and the world? It's a nice thought, a goal for the soul. But the reality is that this world is burdened with the barriers to love. We need only look at our ghettos, violence, wars and other lacks of love to see the challenge before us.

Remember, though, that our new energy procedures have placed us on the ground floor of a new Healing High Rise. We have much to learn, of course, but we now have tools that can efficiently reduce the barriers to love. For the first time in history we can, with an impressive degree of success, alleviate unnecessary fears, nightmares, bad memories, grief and a long, long, long list of physical ailments. To the extent you, me and our brothers and sisters on this planet are free of these "love distractions," we are increasingly able to behold the beauty in one another. The less we dwell on disaster the freer we are to be in love with the world.

Love is both our birthright and our challenge. I sit here at this keyboard in awe of what you are doing with EFT. I hear your stories and admire your achievements. You are making a huge contribution to the healing of this planet.

You are so beautiful to me.

Some of you are mastering the fine points while others are spreading the basics with enthusiasm. Whatever your role, you are making a difference. Be proud. Be in love.

You are so beautiful to me.

Each time you apply these procedures you are lightening someone's load. You are allowing a sigh of relief, a smile and a healthier attitude. You are creating the space for forgiveness so that we can replace judgments with gentleness. A forgiving thought sends a message from God. It floats lightly among us singing....

You are so beautiful to me.

Love, Gary

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