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Strange Laws - Part 3

Strange Laws - Part 3

Be careful, many of these laws are still on the books.

11. If you're going to set a fire under your mule, don't do it in Ohio ..yep, its against the law. Can you believe it?

12. Whistling under water will result in more than getting water in your nose. It will also get you put in jail if you do it in Vermont .

13. And while you and your beloved spouse are enjoying the Florida sun, don't throw dishes if you happen to have a little disagreement with each other. If you break more than 3 a day, you could spend the rest of your vacation eating off of metal trays in the county jail.

We're not the only ones with the wacky laws. If you're planning a trip out of the country be aware that....

14. It is illegal to land a flying saucer in the vineyards of France .

15. And last but not least, if you take ill while in Iceland , never seek medical help from anyone whose shingle reads: "Scottulaejnir". You see, ANYONE, can practice medicine inIcelandas long as they display this sign. Loosely translated it means, "Quack Doctor"


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