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Clients with low energy--(Note: many suggestions from our members follow this message)

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Don Flory discusses a dilemma faced by many tapping practitioners--namely, he gets good results most of the time but experiences a block for clients with "low energy." I, too, have noticed this and have some comments to make. But first, here is Don's discussion.

Hugs, Gary

by Don Flory

Hi Gary!

At this point in my work with my psychotherapy clients, friends, and family, I have come to expect that any negative state or belief will clear with tapping. I am sometimes disappointed, but more often, I am surprised as another still untested condition responds.

One big exception to this picture is low energy. Tapping for low energy seems to help prepare a person for rest, and sometimes when you relieve negative conditions a person feels energized. But I don't think I have seen tapping increase the energy of a person with chronically low energy. I am currently up against this issue with one of my clients. He has a life time history of depression, but his exhausted energy state dates back to a concussion. He is quite responsive to treatment, and we have successfully improved many issues in his life; but we have not affected his chronic exhaustion (in spite of which he cranks out a lot of creative work). We devoted two sessions to the trauma of the concussion and the devastating losses that occurred as a result of it; and we seemed to have really cleared up the trauma. But the low energy remained. Naturally, depression goes along with this low energy, and we have managed to considerably lighten his mood during various sessions. But the low energy always remains, and his depression returns. Tapping several times a day at home for months also seems not to have helped.

I have come to think that tapping reduces high energy negative energy states -- emotion, pain, dysfunction, memory, belief -- but it does not ADD energy or eliminate the cause of low energy. I have almost conceded the low energy problem to those who work with physical illness.

I am writing this, Gary, because I want to know what experience you and others have had with low energy states. Are there some tricks I don't know yet? Or is this perhaps an outer boundary to the area of human misery helped by tapping?

Don Flory

GC COMMENT: First, I've witnessed many people whose energy RISES as a result of tapping. This is unmistakable and I suspect many other practitioners have noticed it as well--including Don. This is to be expected, of course, because our emotional conflicts (until they are relieved) are a big time drain on our resources. Thus when tapping relieves our fears, guilts, angers, etc., the resultant freedom shows up as elevated energy--a lighter psyche and a "bounce in our bippy". Witnessing this is one of the joys we are privileged to experience.

But Don is talking about a different class of "low energy" client--one where, no matter what you do, their lethargic state persists. I've seen a handful of cases like this and heard of others. Sometimes tapping elevates their energy for a little while but, inevitably, the previous lethargy returns.

Don's client had a concussion. Could that be the cause? Might there be some form of brain malfunction that limits this client's energy? Is low energy caused by medical factors like this? Or is it caused by emotional unrest or toxicity? Who knows? I am unaware of *any* healing discipline that reports consistently good results in this area.

Since the practice of medicine is well beyond my training, I will leave the possible medical causes to those that are qualified in that area.

However, I would certainly play emotional detective in such cases and look for emotional causes. With Don's client, though, looking for emotional causes seems like a dead end because he says..... "We devoted two sessions to the trauma of the concussion and the devastating losses that occurred as a result of it; and we seemed to have really cleared up the trauma. But the low energy remained."

The fact that the low energy remained is, to me, evidence that we have not yet smoked out the true emotional issue. It may have nothing to do with the concussion trauma. Instead, it may be a grievance he may not want to release or a guilt that he thinks deserves punishment. I'm speculating, of course, and maybe I'm wrong. But as long as the low energy persists, I would be inclined to assume it has emotional causes and keep digging. Would I ultimately be successful with the low energy? Maybe....but maybe not. However, even if I "fail," the worse that would happen is that the client would experience even more emotional healing. Some failure!!

The EFT Course persistently persuades you to be persistently persistent. There are great benefits in doing this and a single success from "going the extra distance" will make a believer out of anyone. Sometimes we get too close to our own cases and a fresh perspective is called for. Part of being intelligently persistent is to call in another practitioner who will come in at a different angle. I have experienced many cases where a previous practitioner was stubbing their toe and my "fresh angle" on a given problem was enough to create relief.

The other area I would explore would be that of toxicity. We dump massive amounts of garbage into our systems daily. The preservatives, pesticides and other foreign chemicals that we ingest or place on our bodies act as non-stop insults to those frail little sacks of skin within which we live. In addition, we are bombarded with daily mega-doses of electromagnetic radiation (TV's computers, etc.) that interfere with our energy systems. It's a wonder that we have any energy at all.

Proficient muscle testers can sometimes locate offending substances and this is certainly a worthwhile pursuit. But I would start with a diet of strictly organic foods (without known offenders such as sugar, wheat, corn, caffeine, tobacco & alcohol). Two or three weeks of this "clean diet" is likely to increase one's energy simply because it lightens the body's load. I would also keep my distance from TV's, computers and other electronic devices.

That being said, low energy remains a problem area for tappers and requires our persistence. It is also a remarkable opportunity to enhance our skills. Those who learn to handle the difficult or the "impossible," become the standard setters--the masters in this field.

Peace, Gary

Here are many suggestions on low energy from our members


Hi, Gary--

Based on personal experience I would second your suggestion about exploring toxins as a cause of the low energy/depression. I've told you of my history of finding--once I had cut out wheat from my diet--that if I then ate wheat, within 30 minutes I would be plunged into depression, along with which there was very low energy. I would then treat the problem, using an algorithm of Roger's [Callahan], and within 30 minutes these Siamese-twin problems would be gone. Roger had a special way of testing for sensitivity, which I'm sworn not to reveal. But Jimmy Scott also has a method of testing and also of treating allergies which he has described down to the most minute detail in his book called (I think) "Treating Your Own Allergies." The method will also predict which allergies can be successfully treated by his method.

What was, and still remains, incredible to me, is how taking in the offending substance can totally change one's perceptions of optimism or pessimism, of futility or hope, without *anything* else in one's life changing to affect those, just the toxin intake.

It's a sacrifice to give up cookies and cake, great French bread, and all the other things that are made with wheat flour, but it's even more of a sacrifice to give up optimism, energy, and enjoyment.

I hope Don's patient finds a way out from under that little dark cloud.


Jane Holmes-Roughton



Re: Don's client with low energy following a concussion - your points on toxicity are well taken. This person also might do well to be examined by a chiropractor or osteopath who specializes in cranial adjusting. Brain injury following a closed head trauma such as a concussion is often aggravated by restriction of normal cranial movement which in turn disrupts the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This chronic CNS stress could definitely lead to a low energy state.

I'd be happy to assist Don in finding a craniopath in his area if the client is interested in following up on this.

Mark Langer, DC


Hi Gary

Had a thought on this. What if this patient has a virus that is causing the low energy? Could he be tapped for a virus? Even if there isn't a muscle tester or dowser to hand, it would be worth tapping for it. I treated one lady with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome two weeks ago, and I dowsed to find out what to tap on. Sure enough, I was told that she had a virus. There is much medical evidence linking Chronic Fatigue in with both viruses (2) and pesticide poisoning. Maybe the patient picked something up when in hospital for concussion (One study said that a high percentage of German patients leave hospital sicker than when they went in!)

Catherine Driscoll


Note--He uses the term MPT for Meridian PsychoTherapies, which is a catchall term for EFT and its many cousins.

My name is Thomas Weil, and I work as psychotherapist in Germany. My general orientation is Transactional Analysis (TA) which I am using with an integrative psychotherapeutic framework. In several workshop I also was trained in EFT and other MPR approaches which I like to connect with TA. And I have remarkable results since 10 month.

The problem with patients, which are suffering under a loss of energy I also observed. The usual way to work with MPT [Meridian PsychoTherapies] sometimes didnt have the usual success. Coming from my transactional frame of reference I understand human personality as a set of subpersonalities, what we call ego states (for example: the introjected parents, the regressed children - i.e. different fixated developmental states of me, past life states or other live states). An inner schizoid process as a result of complex trauma is responsible for the personality splitting.

If someone is coming with low energy first I am looking the usual way as you did, Don [Flory]: How can I help, that the missed energy can emerge using traditional therapeutic work and MPT. If there is no sufficient change, then I change my focus by looking on the subpersonalities. The subpersonlality the patient is mostly identified with coming to therapy sometimes is not the subpersonality, which has the real power. So secondary my question is: Who within the whole system of inner subpersonalities has the energy, if my observable patient has not ? Who is the secret chief ?

I introduce this towards my patient with words as "If you dont have contact to your energy, look inside yourself, asking yourself WHO has the energy ? And let me know the first name, which is coming up from your unconscious - doesnt matter if this make sense to you or not."

Then I ask my patient for permission to treat this secret chief. If the patient is willing to do so, I let him to be identified with this secret chief. And afterwards I treat this subpersonality as new patient in my office using traditional psychotherapy and of course MPT. The goal of this work is to help the subpersonalty becoming a friend of my biological patient. In order to reach this goal mostly tapping on the traumata of this supersonality is necessary.

Then I change back to my original = biological patient working with him on the acceptance of this new friendship. Muscle Testing can be used in order to check, wheter the acceptance is there. Otherwise this can be treated by MPT. My observations are: If the secret chief becomes a inner friend, then the biological patient and the subpersonality is becoming a new powerful team - i.e. my patient has his energy back.

If you like to use this technique I would be interested very much on your experiences.

Best greetings

Thomas Weil


In regards to low energy, I have learned some interesting info from a book called "Solved: The Riddle of Illness", by Langer and Scheer. This paperback covers the complexities of the thyroid in health matters and it lists 64 possible symptoms that can,depending on their grouping, look totally unrelated to each other. I have also learned, the hard way, that internists do not interpret thyroid lab workups in the way that an endocronologist might. It is amazing to me how many mistakes are made in diagnosis. Some interesting questions can be raised about emotional reasons for thyroid disorders that run in families!

Maybe this spin will be helpful to the difficulty of tapping with low energy folks. I now ask for TSH levels and an antibody panel to be run for those who are exhaustedwith odd symptoms, like muscle aches, sinusitis, uneven sleeping patterns, can't ditch colds, headaches, neuralgia, digestive disorders, constipation, allergies that don't respond to NLP intervention or tapping....then refer to endocronologists if the levels are elevated even slightly.

Kindest regards,

Denise Wall


Hi Gary,

Very interesting discussion of low energy states. I agree that emotional conditions present a huge drain on energy, and therefore the detective work is essential.

In addition, I would like to offer several other remedies for low energy. I might give my credentials in this as not only being a physician, but also a Pranic Healing instructor. For many years I was chronically run down and depleted. Dealing with a number of emotional issues didn't seem to help improve my condition. It was not until I learned about Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Pranic Healing) and some of his energetic techniques that my life was turned around.

The first technique that I was taught was a set of powerful yogic exercises called the "Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation". These are presented by several books currently out on the market. Master Choa has made a few small modifications in these exercises which increase their efficacy, and has given us permission to include these in our upcoming book. A book is already on the market entitled, "The Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth", by Kelder. For most people (80-90%), these exercises will double or triple their energy level. Most people will also notice that their sex drive, or libido goes up massively. I'm not sure whether my wife loves or hates the person who told me about the exercises.

A second technique is called the Mentalphysics exercises, which is a set of yogic exercises described by Edwin Dingle. The Mentalphysics organization in Joshua Tree, CA publishes a booklet on how to do them. The exercises in their original form are somewhat energizing, however they can take about 45 minutes to complete. Master Choa has made major modifications to these exercises, so that they can be done in less than 10 minutes with a very powerful energizing effect. I'm not talking about some temporary energy boost like you get after downing a cup of coffee, I'm talking about a smooth increase of energy that lasts all day. Increased energy to exercise, increased mental alertness and acuity, more stamina in all areas of life. I believe that this is the crown jewel of all energizing yogic exercises in the world.

A third recommendation is for clients to take "salt baths". We recommend putting an entire container of salt (26-28 oz.) into a tub of warm water. Add about 7-8 drops of lavender oil. Soak up to your head for about 20 minutes. Then rinse off in the shower. These baths pull off negative diseased energy, leaving a person feeling quite energized. The proof is in the pudding, but we have had literally hundreds of students notice major improvements in their energy level.

There are a number of little known about food supplements that are also quite energizing. All of these will be included in our upcoming book entitled, "Ultimate Healing---What They Forgot to Teach Your Doctor in Medical School".

Hope these help.

With love,

Eric Robins, MD


Dear Gary,

I had a couple of thoughts to share. First I assume that the cases being talked about you have explored how much sleep, rest and exercise a person get. Some of my clients report who report difficulties with their energy do not understand that their lifestyle is burning them out. If they are suffering burnout it can take months for their system to recover. Living in Austin, Texas a high tech mecca I regularly encounter people where I recommend rest as more important than therapy. For most of them it comes as a shock. I find that a lot of people are not in tune with the consequences of their behavior on their energy.

The second thought comes from talks with a colleague about neurofeedback. He pointed out to me that if you have ever suffered from depression certain of your brain waves patterns are permanently slowed. Most of our work therapy work has to do with slowing down peoples thoughts and feelings because they are too anxious, tense or angry. He suggested that neurofeedback was the best way to restore this brain wave activity. I assume that the sense of energy would return with the increased brain wave activity.

This friend was kind enough to give me a neurofeedback session. Even though I had had an exhausting week, I felt peaceful and excited after the session. I have wondered if that one session gave me some renewal of energy and creativity.

If there are any neurofeedback therapists on the list I would like for them to respond to this idea. Also, if I wonder if there are any meridian or chakra techniques that have been shown to elevate brain wave activity.

Rolland Fellows

Austin, Tx.


Gary and Don [Flory],

In the model, ENERGETIC HEALING Howard Brockman LCSW, Nancy Gordon LCSW and I have developed we have had great success with chronic depression and chronic low energy. We MMT for current life origins, ancestral origins (genetic energetic lineage) and past life origins (soul energetic lineage) that require healing in order to heal the intended goal ( ie. low energy, depression , etc.) We then use a variety of induction techniques to assist the person in returning to that origin to heal. We then use EFT to clear it. For an on-going discussion of this model tune into This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are very excited about the results that are being achieved. I will be presenting this model at the EPC conference in Toronto.


Mary Hammond-Newman


Dear Gary:

I walked away from this one earlier this evening because my 'Take 'on it is what some may consider way out. Well, so be it. I've walked myself back again because I feel the need present a possility that may not have occurred to you.

Trauma, concussion, appears to be the time when the disturbance began.

Low energy is a symptom, also depression. And there is a block.

I would be considering entity attachment and the need for releasing the entity (ies), usually a bunch clusters.

(Please understand that I am dedicated to EFT, also BSFF. I also use hypnotherapy and since May I have begun combining another thechnique, which addresses traumas held at the cellular level. Together with this I have been addressing entity attachment. This is gentle therapy and very effective, also fast.)

Entity attachment is not uncommon, as may have been previously thought. It may occur during times of low resistence, stress, traumas, e.g. concussion, hospitalization.

I recommend referring to William Baldwin's work. He has a web site, and his very comprehensive manual is 'Spirit Releasement Therapy', published by Headline Books.

My best wishes always,

Eleanor Berg


Gary: Although I am a novice with EFT and Craniosacral therapy, I feel compelled to comment on the recent e-mail about low energy with a possible tie-in to a concussion.

Craniosacral therapy works on the basis that the dural tube surrounding the spine and brain will register trauma. Cranial bones do move to the rhythm of the cranial system and injuries can imped normal function with subsequent symptoms. If no cranialsacral therapy has been done since the injury, I would recommend this avenue, particularily since EFT does not seem to be working. As therapists, it is our duty to our clients to be aware when our forms of therapy may not be as helpful as another we do not practice. No one modality is the be all and end all.

This description of this case fits exactly within the realm of necessary cranialsacral work and I recommend that it be suggested.


Martyn Luberti HHP



Just a few thoughts on Don Flory's low energy dilemma-- I've noticed that a few of my clients who suffer from depression also seem to be "hooked" on adrenalin. The adrenalin "rush" keeps them going in order to do creative work or keeps them rushing around finding many reasons and excuses not to do whatever they are resisting. When they come down from an adrenalin high they bottom out and almost cannot function. When I suspect this is the case I gently ask the client to "consider the possibility" that she/he is addicted to the adrenalin rush. I usually do not muscle test this because there is almost always a big "Aha" affirmation from the client. Then we tap on craving the adrenalin rush. I, of course, do not know if this would fit in the case of Don's client, but maybe someone else's low energy client will benefit.

Gini Thatcher Hengen, C.C.HT.


Dear Gary,

Re the man whose energy is low, in his case, it must be noted that this happened after the concussion. Thus, sudden toxicity, emotional problems (other than the trauma), etc. are less likely to be the cause than the head injury itself. Some people become psychic after head injuries, others schizophrenic, etc. Thus, we know jostling the head can cause major changes in a person. I suggest he get some intensive sacrocranial work and/or see someone with pranic healing skills. The fact he has cleared the truma and is high function in spite of the problem implies he is pretty emotionally healthy with a jostled head. When all else fails, it is also very useful to talk to the low energy and let it tell you when it came, why, what purpose, if any, it serves, and what it would take to bring the person back to his former level of energy.

With aloha, Bobbie Sandoz



One very deep physical, mental and emotional cause of "tiredness dieases" (CFIDS, EB virus, fibromyalgia, etc.) is simply our all-pervasive, condescending western attitude toward sleep and rest. I have met very few adults who actually sleep each night as much as their body requires. And then they wonder why they are tired. It is quite strange. As infants, we are encouraged to sleep as much as possible. It is understood as being beneficial. As adolescents, we are encouraged to take naps; it is understood as being beneficial. As soon as we enter first grade, however, and our little head settles down on the desk for a nap after lunch or recess, that's when the brainwashing/conditioning begins... Get Up! There's work to do! You are in school now, you must conform! You must keep up with everyone else. You must disregard your proper and healthful body signals about sleeping. They are irrelevant!

Of course, this continues throughout schooling, gets especially demanding in college and also early in our working career, when we are trying to make some sort of impression. The result is chronically fatigued systems that cry out for sleep and rest, but are instead fed caffeine, ginseng, nicotine and all the rest of the legal and illegal stimulant drugs. None of which actually give one any energy, BTW, for all they can do is create irritation in the body, and such toxic irritants must be quickly expelled. The expulsion process is internally manifested as increased heart rate, blood pressure, kidney and liver function, nervous system hypersensitivity, smooth muscle contraction, etc. All this "feels" like extra energy, but it is energy being summoned from within to eliminate the toxic garbage, not freely received from without. Thus, further fatigue is always the result. A downward spiral toward disease.

Another point..... it is impossible to oversleep. Your body knows exactly how much recovery time (sleep) it needs every night; it will remain asleep until precisely the moment when it has fully rejuvenated itself. Anything less is detrimental.

So, inquiring into and tapping for the P/M/E aspects of the "gotta give more... gotta work harder, faster, longer" syndrome may result in good progress in all tiredness disease cases.

All The Best,

Robert Sniadach, D.C.


Hi Gary,

Just last night I was working with a client who was complaining of chronic low energy and who, as a result of it, was anxious about being able to handle going back to work full time. We tapped on "blocks to my energy" several times, and that helped some. What really seemed to shift things was when she came up with the setup phrase, "I love and accept myself unconditionally as I more and more easily access my energy" and then we tapped on the "opening more and easily to my energy." She reported feeling, and indeed looked, much more lightened and energetic.

It's been my experience that with folks who are really low energy and/or depressed, focusing on the negative doesn't work nearly as well as focusing on some positive aspect. It's as if their system is stuck in negative mode and needs a light to show them where they can go. This has been borne out many times with my clients--I always start with clearing whatever negative stuff is there, but when we focus on where the client wants to go, and what qualities they think they need to get there, then tapping those "in," then things start to fly.


Martha Delafield


Hi, Gary

Interesting coincidence. Today, I was reading the manual "Rapid Change Techniques for Emotional Healing", by Dr. David Lake and Steve Wells, when I came upon a paragraph related to the low energy problem, at page 42. First the authors introduce Dr. Michael Gandy's points:

Top of head - On midline, slightly forward of center.Wrists - Both inside and outside - approximately 2-3 inches from the hand crease.Ankles - Inside and outside - approximately 2-3 inches above ankle bone.

And they say:

"We tap on these points with the flat of the hand to be sure of tapping the right point.


We often use them whenever tapping using the regular EFT points brings us to a standstill. I (Steve Wells) also tend to use these points when clients experience low energy ("energy sapping") as a result of their problem. Their subsequent aliveness may result somewhat from the increased vigour required in tapping these points. If you use these points be aware that tapping on the top of the head often provokes embarrassed responses from clients which must be paced in your explanation."

One more choice, it seems. As I'm in the final days of a flu, I checked those points and discovered an interesting difference. Using EFT, the common breathing reaction seems to be a quick inspiration followed by a strong exhalation. When I applied Dr. Gandy's technique I noticed, to my surprise, that at the end of it I invariably took a long inhalation, filling almost all the lungs, before exhaling. And this effect continued through time (more than 30 minutes later), something I have not experienced applying EFT.

I wonder if this difference relates to the activation of the parasympathetic system (the relaxation effect brought by EFT, associated with exhalation) and the primary activation of the sympathetic system (the energizing effect Steve and Dr. Lake noticed, associated with deep inspiration). As EFT also brings an increase of energy, sometimes, could it be it is a balanced Yin-Yang technique, and Dr. Gandy's a more Yang oriented technique?


Sergio Ximenes


Dear Gary,

The recent posts on low energy have prompted me to write with 2 client stories in which low energy problems correlated with exposure to high Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) exposure in the home environment. In both cases, I took an EMF detector and found levels of 5-13 milligaus throughout their entire condo/apartment units. Anything over 1-2 milligaus is considered problematic, and muscle testing can clearly demonstrate the adverse effect of EMF fields on one's energy flow. In each case, the culprit was a transformer in their alleys. They were able to be helped by using Liquid Needle Bio-Photanicals which use mineral waters charged with correct frequencies to neutralize toxic EMFs and substances as well as to boost the body's own vital life energy, remove energy blockages and rebalance the mind/body system. What was notable about their use of these products compared to that of the general population is that they required higher dosages/more frequent use than the average person due to the frequencies of the product being used up much more quickly.

I also find it interesting that one of these clients had tried numerous things over the years and found little benefit or a diminishing benefit from them. Perhaps they just couldn't hold up against the constant onslant of harmful EMFs. In writing about this, I am reminded about a severely depressed client that I had worked with earlier. She benefited from TFT, but would have to repeat it at least daily. She also benefited from using the Ex-Stress Bio-Photanical, but muscle tested as needing as much as 30 drops at a time, compared to the usual dosage of 5 drops. Now I wonder if EMFs may have been a factor for her as well, or one of the other factors recently offered by others on the list.

In a previous post on this subject, Dr. Robins suggested use of salt baths. Bio-Photanicals are also available as a body soak to add to the tub. Besides the inherent benefits of their mineral salts content, they are encoded with specific frequencies to actually trigger the release of toxins and then draw them out through the tissues. This results in a safer and more gentle means of detoxifying than any other method as it spares the kidney and liver from an excess burden and avoids autointoxication risks from toxins re-circulating in the bloodstream and organs. More info can be found on Bio-Photanicals at or I'd be happy to share more of my experiences for anyone who'd like to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A last case of interest on the low energy topic is of a client who was a "frequency blocker" due to a horrific history of abuse. She benefited from TFT, but her numbers would go down very slowly, and we always had to deal with Psychological Reversal. She said she could always tell when the treatment was starting to work because she would feel tingling and energy movement in her limbs and would end up feeling a "buzz" by the end of the final round. I never thought of her as a low energy client, but this is an example of energy increasing in someone used to not letting in much energy from outside of herself.

Teri Holter



One way of increasing one's energy supply is taught in the analogic psychology school here in Italy. The main principle behind it is to instinctively buy an object you have never had before and invest it with the sense of an "emotional battery". (Like Jung's symbols acting as energy switches). Alternatively one can set up an NLP anchor, instead of buying the "battery". Then one must do things one would never do (in order to break the bonds). That means do things you consider foolish like going on roller coaster rides or striking up conversations with complete strangers if one is shy, or saying "no" when you are used to saying yes even if you don't like to, or dressing like a clown and acting foolishly in public if one is a pinstripe and bowler-hat type.

The essence is that the chosen activity must be one that causes embarrassment, or nervous tension, or fear even, and that one does it as a gift to his "battery" to charge it up. So that prior to the act he could say "I'm doing this for you" and after "I did this for you", you meaning the battery. When the person has carried out a series of such acts, which ideally ought to be legal (if they're not, then go do them in a state or country where they are, the idea is to go against your own limits not those of the community you live in. As an example if smoking hashish is spooky to you, it's certainly not legal in the USA. It can spook you legally in Holland, though) and not too dangerous (you make your own judgments about that).

After 60-100 such acts, the person can then discharge his battery by asking it to convert this emotional energy so stored into "life energy", alternatively one could use EFT to channel the fear, embarrassment etc. caused by each act from it's high-energy "negative" state, to a balanced one through the tapping. This might all sound pretty risky, but that's where its power lies. These are just concepts, but the school teaches a proper method which uses these concepts (without the EFT bit, that was an idea of mine) to teach people to solve problems like shyness, stuttering, depression, anxiety and what have you. Any adventurous low energy people wanting to try out and report back, might be a good thing.


Sandro de Rosa, MD MAP


For low energy.....wondering if tapping for any of the following would work.

It's safe to be energetic....(perhaps was this fellow doing something energetic when he received his concussion, and therefore created some fears about feeling energized/energetic). Wonder if he had a parent/teacher that said..."You better slow/sit/calm down, you're going to hurt yourself/somebody"

I'd also try:

Even though I don't feel/notice the shifts in my body's energy...Even though I'm not sensing any changes in my body...Even though my mind is responding and not my body...

I've installed belief systems like:

I easily notice my changes...

(I learned this one, when a client was stating he didn't notice any changes from the tapping. People around him did. So, the work wasn't as fun for him....this changed after tapping on the problem of not feeling his changes. He was then able to feel and appreciate his own changes).

I wonder if this has something to do with the way we are look for external signs for validation/approval. Students often learn to rely on teacher's opinions of their work, instead of their own. My guess is that our self-evaluation systems are not fully primed, based on our K-12 educational experience.

All my systems work harmoniously together and give me great feedback about my newly released energy sources...

My body and my mind work seamlessly together...


Cathy Raymond


Dear Gary, All:

As you know, I have been around since the very beginning when you took EFT to the Internet and I have been privileged to see a lot of growth, changes, and insights.

A couple of things came to mind when I read about the gentleman who couldn't seem to let go of his low energy (which may or may not have been caused by a concussion).

The concepts of secondary gains, payoffs, and unhealthy emotional benefits come to mind. Not having this person in my office (or on the phone), it makes it difficult to determine what's going on with him, but I'd certainly want to check out these possibilities. Is it possible that the client benefits in some way from keeping the lethargy? This can be determined by a) asking the person if this might be the case (your client is sometimes the best detective when it comes to sussing out their own problems/aspects), b) muscle testing (I know a lot of people are not familiar with this and if you want me to, Gary, I'll post some instructions on how to do it). If it is then determined that these secondary gains are indeed the cause, you can release that aspect.

Also, about organic vegetables: I have read (and I don't know if this is true or not), that organic vegetables produce their own natural pesticides (far more than you would get from a regular store bought brand), and you can't wash them off because they are intrinsic to the genetic code of the vegetable. Conversely, store bought brands do not need to produce their own insecticides (a genetic mutation) and any external pesticide can fairly easily be washed off. So for toxin-sensitive folks, organic might not be the best choice. But it seems fairly evident that most anybody can benefit from having a diet low in processed foods. IMHO.

Love, Stephanie Rothman


Hi Gary - - - I'm responding to Don Flory's plight about low energy and I picked up on your response about toxicity and the need for good nutrition. Since this channel is mind-based it is to be expected that the focal discussion is in that part of the mind/body equation. In my opinion, we should address the body's needs before throwing up our hands. Certainly we all know that all the tapping in the world will not give a car its expected "get-up-and-go" if there's no gas in the tank.

One of the most noteworthy statements from the Dept. of Agriculture is that the iron content of spinach grown in this country has shrunk to 1/70th of what it was 45 years ago. This is due to the changes in farming methods and food processing over the same period. And recently it has been touted by the press that tests of oranges in Southern California have shown that the chemistry used in orchard management has completely eliminated vitamin C from the product. I suspect the orchardists have responded to reverse that result. My point is that given a diminishment of appropriate nutrient in the food chain, we consumers would be driven by our mind/body connections to keep grazing until we manage to satisfy the missing needs and, if we limit our grazing to fast-food stands (or a fast-food mentality in our grocery-shopping) we will be driven to graze ourselves into gargantuan balloons. Think about that as you listen to the National Institute of Health decry the growing obesity stats of the nation. Again, and back to the car, the problem is not with the car but with the quality of gasoline.

Two years ago my son-in-law made it known that his sister in Hawaii had been battling severe depression for several years and was close to suicidal. I sent her a box of products by Cell Tech with a depression-recovery formula espoused by a Registered Nurse. The woman followed through; turned her condition around; went on to re-train herself and graduated from a Cosmetology Program.

I like the saying attributed to Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine): "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."

Bob Daley


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